10 best places for a perfect date in Nairobi

Some of the best places for a great date in Nairobi are right under the noses of most people living in the city. Nevertheless, nobody can blame them acknowledging how a very high percentage of the populace is expected to work hard each and every day to maintain the city lifestyle. The best thing about these spots is the flexibility they offer their clients in a city with an untamed entrepreneurial spirit.

People are also varied, and while an espresso in a wonderfully lit restaurant in one of the tranquil areas of the city might do for some, others fancy an adventure. Nairobi has lots of spots for adventures such as the Ngong Hills and Karura Forest just to mention a few. If you fancy a fun activity, you can try skating, paintball or even race go-carts. The area of these affordable places may have been an issue but not anymore.

Here the 10 best places for a perfect date in Nairobi.

Karura Forest is among the best spots for a date in Nairobi principally due to its scenery, entry fee and accessibility. For only Ks 100, you can enjoy a day in the peaceful forest with your loved one with the option of renting a bike so you can ride your way down into the woods and find a beautiful picnic scene. Karura Forest additionally has a waterfall with the hiking trail closeby as musical chimes from birds fill the air.

Karura Forest has the ideal setting for a romantic adventure in Nairobi.


Typically, dates do not even last as long unless you opt for an enjoyable activity such as the one mentioned above or some food and a movie. The summer is almost here in several Western countries and blockbuster movies will be in theaters for the next few months. Nairobi cinemas are constantly active even when there isn’t much epic film in circulation. It’s easier to buy a movie at the movies shop for many Kenyans than take a lady out on a movie date.

Though, the latter has better graphics and create more trust while improving your bonding encounter. You can watch a film at IMAX for only Ks 250 during the off-peak hours (morning hours). Still, in peak hours, a film and some snacks will not cost you more than Ks 2,000. The Junction’s Cinemax, Sarit Centre, and Nakumatt Prestige Cinemas are further examples of decent movie theatres where two people can savor some good acting covering popcorns and soda.

Skating? Anyone?

Panari Hotel is arguably the only spot in Nairobi with an ice rink. One of the best stuff about dates is they give you a chance to both impress and try out something different. A notable number of Kenyans have no experience when it comes to skating considering our country never encounters the weather conditions favorable for such a fun sport.

Nonetheless, you can have a taste of how it looks to skate at Panari’s ice rink with your date. It is likewise a good memory to look back at considering much hilarity will go around particularly from the novices, but also a daring date by most lady’s standards.

Indoor Rock Climbing venture

Perhaps you two share a hands-on character and want to kick things off with a heart-pumping experience. Well, how about indoor rock climbing at the Climb BlueSky in Parklands area?. The rock climbing gym is established at Diamond Plaza on the 6th floor and is accessible most days of the week. Another site with the same services is Purdy Arms in Karen. Nevertheless, it only opens on Weekends.

The entry fee is Ks 800, and in case you don’t have them, you can hire climbing shoes for just Ks 400. They also allow monthly membership rates in case you want to make rock climbing a thing for the two of you.

GP Karting

If you fancy cars, then GP Karting would make one hell of a date. Furthermore, this is the only site where you can bump onto other ‘cars’ without drawing financial strains or a legal case. While speed may not be your plan on this day, GP Karting extends the perfect escape from the adulthood presence of driving and introduces some pleasure to the sport.

If she brought her little brother to your date due to unforeseen conditions, Carnivore’s GP Karting beside Lang’ata Road is the ideal way to entertain your date and her sibling. The charges for a five to eight-year-old are just Ksh 900 while those between nine and twelve pay only Ks 1,000. Those people between 13 and 16 years of age pay Ks 1,100 while the ones aged 17 and over pay Ks1,300.

best places for a perfect date in Nairobi


She doesn’t want the speed Go-Karts to move with? Maybe both of you like action movies? How about a paintball at Jungle Paintball Kenya or Paintball Fury. The former is established in Parklands, Limuru Road and the latter can be located at Purdy Arms or Lang’ata around the Carnivore Showground. Paintball is very affordable, and some places even offer a discount that depends on the number of people in your company.

You can take another pair with you and make it a dual date, which ought to be more entertainment than the two of you against or even coupled up with strangers. Paintball Fury has price cuts on Sunday with 150 paintballs going for Ks 1,000.best places for a perfect date in Nairobi

Connect with wildlife

Africa has an extraordinarily high number of wild animals, and some of these animals can be found in the middle of the city of Nairobi. The Nairobi National Park is a fresh start, but you can additionally visit Mamba Village and watch caretakers feed enormous crocodiles then parade them for the curious onlookers for photos. It also has a snake part, which is an excellent excuse to get her to stick onto your hand harder; let’s face it, most ladies are scared of snakes, and men love feeling bold.

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You can also go to the giraffe center, that has the endangered Rothschild Giraffe as well as informative material regarding giraffes. You can still kiss or feed the giraffe under the guidance and watchful eye of the caretakers. With the extinction that is fronting these animals, this chance might be affordable once in a lifetime for the future generations, take it now while there’s still time.

Matatu Ride

Maybe you have never ever used a matatu before and regularly wonder how it feels inside the public service means. Matatus have a valued culture in Kenya and allow locals to view the city through public transport means. They are affordable, convenient, and fairly comfortable and usually compete among themselves for pomp and high-grade music. Matatus are similarly a faster way to get into the city considering some of the drivers know the routes to take when trying to avoid traffic jams.

They are likewise the best way to soak up the city’s environment as a local.

Ngong Hills

A few years ago, the Ngong Hills area was still guarded, but the public didn’t have to spend any fee on seeing the magnificent hills or going for a picnic. Nevertheless, it’s not like they ask for an extravagant cost and I bet most of it belongs to maintaining the safety and clean environment of Ngong Hills. Enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon hiking in these hills with your partner in the North-Eastern part of the capital and make beautiful memories with every step.

The locals are very welcoming, and the journey has beautiful stops where you can shoot pictures and look at Nairobi City and Ngong Town from an aerial view.best places for a perfect date in Nairobi

Bomas of Kenya

Finally, if you want to learn more about the diverse Kenyan cultural believes and practices, try taking your partner to the Bomas of Kenya. The open-air museum has fabulous tribal villages that teach more about Kenyan heritage than some books do and frequently showcases traditional dances as well. You can spend your afternoon touring the museum while you view exciting exhibits.best places for a perfect date in Nairobi


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