There are numerous benefits that accrue from using the online KRA iTax portal.It simply makes your life better,I mean easy as you do not have all the time to queue everywhere searching for forms.

Below are the advantages of this system:

  1. You will have access to the taxpayer ledger and also access by employees on their PAYE deductions.
  2. Upon filing of tax returns and making the payment, there will be a real-time update of the ledger.
  3. You can access iTax comfortably from your home or office.
  4. To make payment of taxes more convenient, more Banks are being recruited.
  5. The domestic tax returns are built on excel format keeping it simple.
  6. Efficient management of time. Lesser queues at the banking hall. The processing and application of tax-related services such as Tax Compliance Certificates, Amendments, and Refunds etc. is smooth.
  7. Upon completion of transactions, you will be informed through SMS notifications and email.
  8. Certificates such as a PIN, Exemption Certificates and Withholding Tax Certificates etc. are generated electronically.
  9. It also reduces the taxpayer’s inconvenience when KRA officers request for records.


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