leaked chats

Kenyan lady goes crazy, affronts and humiliates a broke boyfriend who requested KSh4k loan.

The man has been left in shame after screen shots of the conversation leaked online.

Leaked chats

leaked chats


From the explosive chat, it seems the guy was in dire need of money and turned to his lady for some cash.

His girlfriend was however in a foul mood and was not willing to lend out the cash the guy required.

Apparently , his dear girlfriend did not find it fit for a man to go around asking for a loan from his bae.

Another reason she gave was her boyfriend once asked for money before and promised to pay but ended up refusing to live up to his end of the bargain.

“The last time you came to my place you bragged about how you went out with your friends and downed a bottle of alcohol,” the angry lady wrote.

She later continued to affront her sweetheart expressing that the only thing he brought to the table was a steamy bedroom session once in a while and that did not warrant any money related help from her.