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The fight between praised bongo geniuses Ali Saleh Kiba and Diamond Platinumz is a long way from being done judging from their current experience that left tongues swaying.

The two famous Tanzanian crooners met as of late amid the send off of Video Queen Agnes Gerald ‘Masogange.’

Reports by Global Publishers seen by exposeke.com, on Saturday, April, 28, demonstrated that in spite of Diamond lowering himself and offering Kiba a handshake, Kiba censured him openly and offered him his hand nestled into clench hand.

Ali Kiba declines to shake hands with Diamond Platinumz flashes warmed level headed discussion

Kiba scorned Diamond freely by offering him a semi gripped clench hand rather than his palm for handshake. Photograph: Meymar Ally

Kiba additionally stayed situated as opposed to standing like other individuals powering theories of ill will between them.

The unbalanced episode at Leaders Club, Kinondoni Dar es salaam sent tongues swaying with fans flooding the web asking why Kiba chose to treat his kindred performer that way.

Following the peculiar signal, a progression of hypotheses rose with some circumscribing superstitions.

Some contended it was only a style of welcome same as others while others connected the motion with galactic signs.

“Kiba offering his clench hand can have its translation. Most Muslims do that yet I once heard in the event that you have a sparkling star, in the event that somebody who has been told by an astronomist how to take a star, they can pick your star once they touch your hands. Kiba may have done that to secure his star,” Jafari an occupant in Magomeni opined.

Sued Kessy, an astronomist said there is an enormous connection between a palm and somebody’s star.

“There is a cozy connection between a palm and stars. In the event that you take a gander at a palm there are designs and each strand has its significance, for example, wellbeing, marriage, flourishing among others.

“Kiba may have offered ordinary welcome however perhaps he did that to ensure his star,” said Kessy.

In spite of pressure between the twosome, Diamond has been making a special effort to offer some kind of reparation to a degree of wishing his adversary the best amid his wedding and even his station Wasafi TV which was opened as of late, playing Kiba’s melodies.

Diamond’s mom, Sanura Kassim ‘Sandra’ has additionally attempted as of late she took to Instagram to praise Kiba on his wedding just to be reviled by the crooner’s supporters, Team Kiba.

In a move appeared to fuel animosity between the two, Kiba professedly disregarded Diamond by not welcoming him to his wedding expected on Sunday, April at Serena Hotel Dar es salaam after his brilliant wedding in Mombasa Kenya.

Kiba and Diamond have been long time rivals


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