Anerlisa Muigai

– Anerlisa Muigai has proved she is still loaded by flaunting a multi-million ride

– The lass showed off a white Range Rover just days after she was accused of failing to pay up a KSh 20 million loan

– The Nero CEO recently made headlines after extending a pholantropic hand towards five single parents

– Nakuru mum picture in a wheelcahir being wheeled to work was among the beneficiaries

Kenya’s richest heiress Anerlisa Muigai, on Tuesday, March 3, confirmed she was doing well as far as her finances are concerned by showing off her multi-million ride.

Taking to Instagram, the beautiful Anerlisa shared a photo of herself standing in front of a pricey white Range Rover accompamied by a Godly caption.

”When we pray, God hears more than we say, answers more than we ask, gives more than we imagine in his own time and in his own way,” she wrote.

Anerlisa’s public show of wealth came barely days after she was entagled in a serious controversy with claims that she had bailed on a KSh 20 million loan.

As reported by earlier, the Nero CEO found herself in a tight spot after a local daily published a story which alleged she was languishing in debt of up to KSh 20 million acquired from a shylock.

News about the debt KSh 20 million was first made public by the shylock himself, identified as Dennis Mwangeka who accused Anerlisa of failing to pay up the money.

Kenya's richest heiress flaunts pricey Range Raver days after being accused of evading KSh 20 million loan

Anerlisa Muigai flaunts a multi-million Range Raver.Photo: Anerlisa Muigai/Instagram

The lass, however, refuted the claims holding the whole melee was just an attempt by two renown businessmen to extort her.

In a bid to cleanse her name from the whole debacle, Anerlisa recently extended a philantropic hand to five single parents to celebrate them as the world marked Easter.

Among the beneficiaries of her philanthropy was the Nakuru mum who was pictured in a wheelchair being wheeled to work by her ten year-old.

Anerlisa had promised to buy a whole month shopping for the Nakuru mum and four other single parents, a promise she fulfilled on Sunday, March 1.


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