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Taken from the Swahili word Kitengele, the Kitenge, otherwise called Chitenge, is prominently worn in East Africa and different parts of Africa. At first, ladies utilized the Kitenge as a wrap and an infant transporter. However, as time passed by, the texture more often than not imprinted in different hues and examples turned into a most loved for individuals going to functions, for example, weddings. The Kitenge holds some noteworthiness in the distinctive societies in Kenya. Notwithstanding when the nation was pondering on national clothing, Kitenge dress plans commanded the recommendations. You can download Kienge ideas app Here.



Kitengedress designs

Most recent kitenge designs in Kenya

Kenyans wear the Kitenge as an energy about culture and innovativeness. In that capacity, you will probably observe such dresses amid occasions, for example, Koroga, Blankets and Wine, among others. Mold architects have taken advantage of the developing interest in the Kitenge by making exceptional and excellent pieces. Today, you can discover pretty much anything; conventional best and base or the advanced Kitenge melded with different textures (bands, denim, silk).

Best Kitenge designs in Kenya

Women, most recent Kitenge dress plans can compliment anyone writes. In any case, the enchantment is in picking a dress that features your key highlights and limits any “defects.” For instance, Kitenge outlines for hefty size tend to be dull shaded and non-layered, making the women to look a size littler. Another tip is to stress the zone around the midriff to accomplish a point by point wrap up. Likewise, you can embellish your dress with a belt or foot rear areas. The following are a portion of the most recent Kitenge plans for ladies per classification.

Kitenge designs for short dresses

Kitenge designs for short dresses

Kitenge form isn’t for ladies as it were. Men, venture out of your solace with strong Kitenge outlines. Aside from wearing them for the customary wedding, you can likewise make these African prints a staple in your closets. Creatives or individuals who wear less formal garments to work can likewise consolidate the Kitenge in the workplace wear. In the event that you do not understand, this article will enable you to find out about the Kitenge plans for men. At long last, guardians, your children ought to be as a la mode as you with the Kitenge plans for kids.

Kitenge designs for men and kids

kitenge for men

Before twenty to thirty-year-olds joined the Kitenge temporary fad, the more seasoned age (for the most part mothers) wore the Kitenge cordial and clear. The men would wear coordinating shirts and jeans while the ladies favored long skirts. All things considered, the present age grasped relatively comparable styles however rather redid them to fit their identity. Here are a few cases

Kitenge dress designs for weddings

The Kitenge outlines for long dresses are ideal for weddings. Here are a few recommendations for that huge day.

1. Sweetheart neck area maxi – Kitenge dress plan that stones

Latest Kitenge designs 2018

The sweetheart neck area enables you to flaunt some skin yet at the same time look rich. The look is a most loved for prom and mixed drink parties. A few dresses might be strapless while others have bear ties. The dress gets the name from the heart like shape conformed to the bust. Hence, the outline compliments enormous busted women. Additionally, the sweetheart neck area protracts your face giving the coveted adjust. In this manner, it is appropriate for women with short necks and buttons, and precise countenances. You can embellish the dress with explanation studs and neckband.

2. Strappy back outline – extraordinary compared to other Kenyan kitenge plans

Kitenge dress designs for weddings

Source: Pinterest

The strappy back is for the challenging woman. The dress shows off your back and gives you a hot chic look. Keep in mind, you require a fitting steady bare-backed bra.

3. Strap neck maxi kitenge dress with focus contort – Latest kitenge outlines

The strap neck area features your shoulders and collarbone and furthermore gives you a rich wrap up. The dress compliments all figures and shapes and requires negligible adornments.

Kitenge dress designs for weddings

4. Love triangle slipover dress – best of Kitenge plans for ladies

When you have to prod or at rent boast about your conditioned chest zone, the V-neck is your companion. The neck area prolongs your face and makes it more keen for individuals with square jaws. You can embellish with a thin neck piece and mark earing.

Kitenge dress designs for weddings

5. Kitenge and ribbon dress – Kitenge dresses for women

With this dress, originators piece two textures to accomplish the coveted look. For wedding wear, you may bind the best piece of your dress. Then again, the ribbon can be in particular territories, for example, the hands or around the neck area. Indeed, even the youthful ones emerge in lovely kitenge plans with bands.

Kitenge dresses for easygoing capacities

1. Long kitenge dress with a cut – Kitenge design in Kenya

Cuts are tasteful and attractive. However, maintain a strategic distance from “celebrity lane” like thigh-high cuts. Rather, go for a direct cut that is tasteful and influences you to look slimmer and taller. If not, ensure you are alright with what you are indicating others. Presently, while at it guarantee what is under the dress isn’t obvious to others. To this end, take a stab at strolling, sitting or remaining before you venture out. Now and again a few people wear the dress with tights or fishnets.

The essential preferred standpoint of the expanded maxi is that you needn’t bother with worry about embellishing it. You can combine the dress with basic adornments, rich lower leg boots, shoes or foot rear areas. Besides, you needn’t bother with idealize legs to flaunt as the cut just uncovers a part of the leg. The dress is perfect for an errands day and easygoing gatherings.

2. Since quite a while ago sleeved maxi – Latest Kitenge dresses in Kenya

For some time now, individuals confined since a long time ago sleeved dresses for night or formal capacity wear. By the by, the dresses are appropriate for social gatherings, church, parties, Chama meeting, or errand days. Long sleeves work with various kinds if shape and sizes and can limit a few blemishes. You can select shut neck if heading off to a formal occasion and a V-neck for easygoing days.

3. Off shoulder kitenge dress – Best of Kitenge dress outlines

Kitenge dress designs

source: Pinterest

Off shoulder dresses are popular, charming, and tasteful. The dresses have a Bohemian vibe and are must-have amid the bright periods. In any case, you should locate a quality strapless bra.

4. Wrap kitenge dress – Cool Kitenge plan you should experiment with the present moment!

An impeccable wrap dress complements your midriff makes a female outline wrap up. The perfect length is three quarter despite the fact that it can be shorter. For slim figures, knee length is great. The wrap dress is appropriate for the workplace, a lunch or supper date, or a laid-back end of the week. You can combine the kitenge wrap dress with high foot sole areas, or boots and an exquisite coat. Pick a thin mark neckpiece.


Kitenge designs for women

Kitenge designs for ladies

5. Shirt kitenge dress – Most slanting kitenge plan this season!

Kitenge dress designs

source: Pinterest

Shirt dresses are the best when running errands or amid the hot periods.

6. Kitenge dera

Kitenge designs

source: Pinterest

A Dera is a free size dress worn by ladies of every kind imaginable in Kenya. The garments is agreeable and simple to style.

Kitenge designs for short dresses for African fridays at work

Short dresses additionally compliment all body composes. A portion of the most recent Kitenge plans for this classification incorporate

1. Kitenge skater dress – outstanding amongst other Kitenge outlines for short dresses

Shape or size is a non-issue with the skater as it accomplishes alluring impacts for the slim and more full lady. What makes a difference is your favored tallness. Most women wear skater dresses simply over the knees in light of the fact that the stature has a tendency to compliment the body and gives a more rich wrap up. You can likewise wear it underneath the knees particularly on the off chance that you are going to formal occasions or church.

Kitenge designs

2. Peplum kitenge dress – short dresses Kitenge outlines you can’t miss!

The peplum dress is ideal for African Fridays at work. With the dress, you accomplish more full hips and a characterized waistline. You can likewise conceal any defects including extra layers and a distending stomach. The ideal embellishments are mark earing and a thin neckpiece. Where important you can include a modest belt around the abdomen.

Kitenge designs

Source: Pinterest

3. Pencil kitenge dress – Latest Kitenge dress outlines for each Kenyan woman!

Another outline you can wear to work is the pencil kitenge dress. Given the dress takes after your body shape, ensure it isn’t too tight. You can likewise shading square or utilize distinctive examples.

Kitenge designs

source: Pinterest

4. Kitenge skirts plans

Kitenge skirts plans are additionally perfect for office wear. A portion of the sorts accessible incorporate the pencil and skater skirts.

Kitenge designs

Source: Le Style Parfait Kenya

5. Kitenge jacket

Kitenge plans in Kenya – jacket

Kitenge designs in Kenya - blazer

Source: Pinterest

Kitenge designs for the chapel

Aside from long Kitenge dresses, you can wear skirts (underneath the knee). A portion of the Sunday top picks incorporate

1. Long skirt

Like with the long dress, the slice must be humble. You can combine your skirt with a plain hued top. The turtleneck top functions admirably with this skirt. Additionally, recall you can feature the waistline to get a more lovely detail.

2. Umbrella skirts

Kitenge designs

Source: Pinterest

Regardless of whether short or long, the umbrella skirts make all body shapes look incredible. You can wear it with a V-neck top, turtleneck, denim shirt, or a vest and a yoga wrap top.

Kitenge pants

3. Kitenge pants

You can match the jeans with a vest or a plain shirt to chapel. Else, you can wear coordinating tops and bottoms.

Others designs include:

  • Kitenge top outlines on plain skirts
  • Since quite a while ago sleeved dress
  • Bridle neck long dress
  • Wrap dress
  • Men can put on kitenge shirts, overcoats, or jeans.
  • Kitenge outlines for Saturday with the young men

Men set away those pullovers and grasp the Kitenge vibe no less than two ends of the week a month. You get the opportunity to advance nearby ability as well as look snappy. First off, you can wear blended textures and gradually change to unadulterated kitenge. Some kitenge shirt outlines thoughts for men to incorporate

1. Kitenge on denim

The plan is prominent among the young. Be that as it may, you can rapidly pull this look by coordinating the shirt with your most loved match of pants or khaki.

2. Dashiki shirts

The Dashiki is popular across Africa because of its unique and vibrant cultural design. The shirts are unisex; you can rock it with all your family members.

3. Guayabera Kitenge shirts

The guayabera usually has several pockets on the front. The shirts are ideal for men aged 40 and above.

Kitenge designs

Source: Pinterest

Kitenge short designs for leg day/ beach day

While you shop for beachwear, factor in some cute kitenge shorts. You can either go for the knee high or Bermuda Kitenge shorts design. For beach shorts, always go for the bright colors such as sky blue, pink or orange prints.

Kitenge design shorts

Source: The Elegant Lane

Apart from clothes, the Kenyans majority use the Kitenge to make bags, throw cushions, sofa sets, wallets, and shoes.



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