Best places to sell your music in Kenya as an artist

Producing music in Kenya is an art that requires both skill and money. So after producing your music, where can you sell it in Kenya? We have the best places to do so. In this post we are going to highlight some of the best places to sell your music in Kenya as an artist. Most of them are free to use. You can also check out our guide on the best music production studios in Kenya.


Pewahewa is an online music sales site in Kenya that provides for music fans to access their popular music through the most effective payment platform in the country. You can easily market and sell your best music through pewahewa music platform.

2. Mdundo

It is the current best and leading music website in Kenya since it’s founding. In mdundo music, you can register as a music artist and upload your music, which will be seen by thousands of music lovers visiting the site daily. As an artist in Kenya, Mdundo will help you to market your brand name online.

3. Social Media

The social media channels serve as one of the top platforms of promoting your music online in Kenya. The best social blogs for advertising your music online today are Facebook, snapchat, twitter, telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

4. Kentunes

It is additionally one of the best websites in Kenya for an artist to market their music online for free. You can likewise register and sell your music online through the Kentunes website.

5.Ghafla Lyrics

Ghafla lyrics posts all artist in Kenya and their music. You can communicate with the ghafla support team today and ask them to list your songs for free if they are not listed. If your brand name is featured in ghafla music, you will be presented to over 500,000 monthly readers that they have


This list can’t go without mentioning Youtube. Youtube is also one of the best places today to market your songs online for free. Create a youtube account for absolutely free and then upload your music. You can then share your music through social sites like Facebook to gain more subscribers.


This platform will list your music and present it to their massive audience of music enthusiasts for free. It is a perfect music listing platform if you are an artist interested in a broader market.


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