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Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization, popularly known as Saccos are on the rise in Kenya. Reason for the growth is due to their flexibility regarding services to their members. Most Kenyans of late trust Sacco services to traditional Banking institutions. That brings us to let you know of some of the best Saccos in Kenya that you can join for different functions.

Kenyan Saccos are managed by staff employed by the Board on behalf of the members, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the SACCO business. Sacco Board reports to the registered members on the management of this SACCO at least once each year during the annual general meeting or yearly delegates meeting (ADM). On the ADM or AGM, the registered members equally get a chance to aid in the performance of a Sacco and make decisions concerning their SACCO.

Rundown of best SACCOS in Kenya
1.Maisha Bora SACCO

Built up in 1974, the SACCO is located along Factory Str in Kariba, Nairobi. The SACCO gives various administrations including a rapid advance of 1% financing cost for each month, share capital, school charges bank accounts and more others.

One can contact this Sacco on 020692338, 0722741320 or

2.Imarika SACCO

Set up in September 1974, they have a head office in Kilifi, coastal Kenya and has a participation of more than 50,000 Kenyans. The SACCO is gone for enabling it’s individuals through an arrangement of workable advances and besides manage on the most proficient method to contribute. One can contact this Sacco on 041-7522572 or / 7525017.

3.Harambee SACCO

This is one of the SACCOS in Kenya with the most high net worth, estimated at Ksh 19.8 billion. The SACCO gives an extensive variety of administrations to its individuals including carousels. It has also opened its ways to the private area with enrollment endorsement given by the Board.

4.Stima SACCO

Likewise has its foundation in 1974 and as of now has six branches the nation over, ie Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Olkaria and Eldoret. The enrollment is open for enlistment by any Kenyan.

5.Waumini SACCO

It is a Savings and Credit Co-agent Society Limited enrolled in 1980 under the Co-agent Societies Act of the Laws of Kenya. Waumini Sacco fundamentally activates Savings and Deposits and stretches out credit to its individuals along these lines engaging them financially and socially. Waumini Sacco source its participation from Employees of Catholic associations in Kenya. This Sacco Currently has more than 20,000 individuals drawn from more than 500 Catholic associations in the 26 Catholic Dioceses in Kenya. Its Management is made out of the ADM, Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee and the Sacco Secretariat’s Departmental administrators.

6.Unaitas SACCO

The Sacco was formally known as Muramati SACCO. Unaitas was conceptualised in Murang’a town and has become a standout amongst the most developed SACCOs in Kenya enabling numerous private companies. The Sacco was at first enrolled on 14 May 1993 as a co-agent society. The Sacco at present has a store taking SACCO.

This Sacco is mainstream among little scale speculators and offers advances up to 3 times the measure of one’s reserve funds. Its reimbursement period can be stretched out up to 72 months at loan fees of between 1-1.5 for each penny for every month on lessening balance.

7.Kenya Police SACCO

It was authoritatively enlisted on November,20 1972 and situated in Ngara, Nairobi. Despite of the fact that it was at first for individuals from the police benefit only, now it is open for any intrigued Kenyan, and the Sacco has developed to more than 50K individuals. They offer advances that can be paid for up to four years with a low loan cost.

8.Ekeza SACCO

Another greatest Sacco in Kenya with total assets of 20 billion shillings. They offer credits at a reasonable loan fee and furthermore empower and also exhort their individuals on the best way to put resources into land and land.

9.Hazina SACCO

This Sacco is an across the nation Savings and Credit Co-agent Society built up in the 1971 and enlisted under Co-agents Societies Act of the laws of Kenya. Their principle objective is managing its individuals a chance to gather their reserve funds, along these lines making a wellspring of loanable assets. Hazina Members are drawn from different Government Ministries, Parastatals, Non-Governmental Organizations and Private Sector. Directly, the Sacco has more than 20,000 individuals.

10.K Unity SACCO

Likewise settled in 1974 and with nearness in two regions, Nairobi and Kiambu. Before joining the Sacco, individuals must be screened and endorsed. They offer advances with up to three years reimbursement period with loan costs as down as 1%.

Before joining a SACCO in Kenya ensure that the SACCO is enrolled with SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority. Also, investigate the Sacco’s approach and membership. All these angles will enable you to decide how the Sacco will allow you to develop.


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