Top 25 best trendy modern hairstyles for long hair for wedding

long hair wedding hairstyles

Brides will do anything to look their best including determining hairstyles for long hair that suit them appropriately. Apart from picking the right gown and choosing comfortable shoes, it is essential to go for a hairstyle that matches your complete look. The good news is that there is so much to look out for as far as these styles are concerned.

25 modern hairstyles for long hair for wedding

Whether you like protective styles or love to let it go free, the right long hairstyle for your wedding can enhance your look. With so many styles available among them being twists, cornrows and ponytail style variations, a bride can explore and look as cute as they want to. Check out the following 25 styles if you need inspiration for your wedding.

Modern wedding hairstyle

A stylish bride will definitely be going for the latest styles of everything she will wear on her big day. This covers her gown, jewelry, shoes and all other accessories. As such, it goes without saying that her hair should be the crown of it all. Finding the right hairstyle is the secret to looking fantastic on her big day. The following are a few of the best styles a bride can look at before settling for the best.

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Wedding hairstyle for long hair down

This is a category of some of the best wedding hairstyles for long hair 2018. Any bride that goes for this will stand out and will be the envy of all those who will be in attendance. The good thing is that they come in different variations such that every woman will find something for them.

1. Half updown look

hairstyles for long hair

This is an attractive look for any woman that wants to look chic and stylish on her wedding. You can have your hair held up and the rest of it left flowing down over your shoulder or on your back. You will look excellent in this look.

2. Long side waves with bangs

hairstyles for long hair

This excellent style would look great in a bride that loves having her hair long. You can add some colour to it just to give it a touch of elegance. It is a simple style that will make you look sophisticated on your big day.

3. One sided pony-braid look

hairstyles for long hair

This is an excellent look for a bride that wants something close to a ponytail but also wants to incorporate a bit of braid in her look. This single pony braid look is absolute for the bride that wants to keep it simple and chic. You can have the braid come towards the front as is in the photograph or alternatively choose to have it go backwards. Either way, you will look fantastic.

4. Wavy medium udpo look

hairstyles for long hair

This is an outstanding look for a woman that is used to having her hair in waves. Your wedding day does not have to be any different. Let your stylist compress your long hair in such a manner that it looks like this. You can opt to go for a weave in case your hair is not long enough. This look is timeless and will unquestionably give you a youthful appearance.

5. Hair with a statement that

bride that makes a statement just by how hair hair looks.

Braided rasta style

1. Medium braids

This is one of the immeasurable protective hairstyles a bride can go for. It is chic and easy to wear. The fact that it is a practical style that can be used even after the wedding makes it a favourite for many brides that work. You do not have to change your hairstyle after the wedding, especially if it still looks good. Furthermore, you can also accessorize it by adding some pearls to it.

2. Long rasta braids in an updo

hairstyles for long hair

Are you looking for a style that is easy and convenient long after the wedding? If so, this neatly done rasta braids will be perfect for you. Your stylist can fix it a day or two before the wedding. On the D-day, let the stylist come and hold it up in place as shown in the picture. Your veil can then be put on top of the bun to complete our princess look.

3. Bow styled braids

hairstyles for long hair

You can have your tiny braids styles in a bow, almost like an arch at the back. This makes it convenient for you to wear your hair in a manner that will be convenient for you. This style holds your long hair in place such that you will not be sweeping it to fall in place all the time. It is a great style especially if you want to show off your sexy back.

4. Long updo flowing braids

hairstyles for long hair

This simple yet unique styles is an excellent choice for your wedding. You can have it done in a colour of braids that will accentuate your complexion. You can be sure that you will look fabulous in this style.

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5. Simple long braids

The goal is to go for easy and stylish hairdos. This is perfect for a bride that loves to do hanging braids.

Complete updo looks for long hair

1. Coiled updo look

hairstyles for long hair

This is a style for women that want to settle for only the best. You stand to look exquisite in this long hair style look. Your stylist will need hair gel to hold the side of your hair in place. In case your hair is not long enough, consider getting an extension that matches your hair colour.

2. Weaved updo look

hairstyles for long hair

This is a perfect look for a bride with long hair that wants to have it in a style that she can easily manage. You can accessorize it with a number of glittering add ons that will make you sparkle as you should on your wedding.

3. The fine bun

hairstyles for long hair

This is one of the most basic styles that most brides go for. It is unique and appropriate. You do not have to worry about your long hair looking unkempt or going out of set because of the activities of the day. The gel holds every piece in place making sure that you will always look excellent.

4. Updo with a braid twist

hairstyles for long hair

This is a variation of an updo hairstyle that many brides will identify with. It allows you to enjoy the best of two worlds. In fact, it will make you appear very youthful.

5. Perfect kinky updo

Consider using kinky hair braids to achieve this loo. The braids will then be held up to form a perfect updo look that cover the entire head. You can easily put a crown on this if you are going for a princess theme.

Dreadlocks hairstyles for brides

These styles will be excellent for women that have their natural hair in dreadlocks. You have a number of styles to choose from to guarantee a natural look that will keep all eyes glued to you.

1. Perfect highlighted updo

hairstyles for long hair

Simple but chic. Choose a highlight colour that you love or dye the entire hair to get the shine that you want. Your hair will be tied together from back to front in semi Mohawk style. At the front, your dreadlocks will be coiled in such a manner that resembles bantu knots to create a look that will enhance your natural look further.

2. Love knot

hairstyles for long hair

This would be a fancy way of letting everybody know that you are indeed celebrating love. Styling your dreadlocks in a heart shaped design is a perfect way to hold your long hair in place and send the right message to your guests. Even as you radiate of happiness, it is clear that yours is a true celebration of love.

3. Simple locks bun

hairstyles for long hair

Nothing makes a bride look more adorable than going for a style that makes her beautiful eyes pop. This simple style does just that. This is a style that proves that you do not need a lot of makeup or accessories to be cute.

4. Free twisted locks

hairstyles for long hair

Have your locks rolled into these simple and cute twists that hang freely. This will make even the longest hair shrink and seem more manageable. Above all, you will look divine especially if your makeup matches the colour of your hair.

5. Fancy locks

This is a style that shows the versatility of having dreadlocks. You get to play around with your hair to achieve a desired look.

Latest hair styles for brides

With the different categories already discussed above, it helps to know what exactly brides have been doing. This may inspire you to do something different but in line with what is fashionable now.

1. Double bun

hairstyles for long hair

This seems to be a style that gives brides a touch of class without taking away their youthful look. This teasing look is one that all brides will appreciate on their wedding day.

2. Naturally long

hairstyles for long hair

With new trends coming up every day, there will definitely be a bride that wants to continue being a naturalist. If this is you, then consider the above style for your natural long hair. With the right prep, it can be fixed in place and still afford you one of the best looks ever.

3. Wavy with a twist

hairstyles for long hair

Looking at all brides that go for the wavy hairstyles, you can say that there is no going wrong with it. The style is not only simple but also sophisticated. You can have part of the hair on the side as a side bang or hold it all backwards and use a glittery accessory for this.

4. Braid extensions

hairstyles for long hair

Many brides seems to be going for a hairdo that is comfy and workable. If you are one of the many that cannot sit through a long salon session to achieve complicated looks then this fancy yet simple style will be very interesting to you. Either way, you get to look your best without even trying so much.

5. Styled locks

Whichever way you decide to look at it, dreadlocks are timeless and always unique. Take your time to style them in a manner that suits you best.

There you have it; amazing hairstyles for long hair that will work great for weddings. Choose one and get the perfect look for your wedding.

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