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Having a perfect hairstyle in Kenya is something that everyone loves, for it brings you the beauty and the general fashion that you desire. Choosing the best hairstyle either for women or men can sometimes be tricky and you need to consider many factors ranging from cost to your preferences. Below are some of the most trending hairstyles in Kenya as of 2020.

1.Marley Twists

They are ideal for making a high or low updo. They enable you to show off your feminine side and can vary from colour to thickness. However, it’s the styling flexibility of this hairstyle that makes it one of the best choices for many women. One can choose to side part your long weave to frame your face and make your hairstyle more eye-catching.
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2.Perfect cornrows

Besides cornrows being the best side of many events, they are a protective hairstyle. Ranging From adding a variety of colours to using twist braid extensions; focusing at cornrows the list of creativity is endless for instance feed in cornrows,bright colored cornrows etc.Some Men too like cornrow hairstyles for their simplicity and ease of maintenance. Given many cornrow hairstyles to choose from arises the need to choose the latest hairstyle that matches your face and personality.
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3.Faux locs.

Another smart hairstyle is the Faux locs. Faux locs is one of the latest and loved hairstyles in Kenya. In the case that you don’t want your faux lock to look too bulky, then go for a layered style. The idea of Center parting the faux locks would make your face appear round while side parting asymmetrically creates a slimming effect. Do you Want to add some cool hair accents? Adding some Shiny metallic beads placed on various braid sections or wearing shiny earrings will make your face stand out.

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4.Neat bandika lines.

Individuals are innovative around here. Somebody discovered that there is a superior method to make straightforward plait lines last more and look far much better. Bandika lines have proved to be useful. In this way, you are plaited plain lines with your hair, and after that these bandika lines are settled on top to such an extent that nobody would have the capacity to tell any distinction. Kenyan ladies are extremely cherishing this haircut since it’s cheeky moderate and tasteful.
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5.Thick plaits hairdo.

In some cases you would prefer not to sit in the salon for a considerable length of time completing your hair. Most ladies would lean toward these thick twists in their circumstances since now is the right time sparing. They do emerge as slick and strong when done consummately, and furthermore, they develop your hair. Just that they get free a little while later yet at the same time they merit experimenting with.
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6.Box Braids

Yes we know they are an easy hairdo but Don’t let the simplicity of box braids fool you, they are so much versatile and tend to complement every face shape. It doesn’t matter whichever the colour you can go for long, short or medium length braids. Having the box braid hairstyle, you will also not be limited in terms of styling options as you can make your braids into a bun, half up half down design or a ponytail. With Box braids You can then rock the style to casual events and even to a professional meeting.
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7.Ghanian lines

These Ghanaian braids are often defined by many names such as Cherokee cornrows, banana braids and pencil cornrows among other names out there. Well,just choose one name you prefer, Ghanaian lines hairstyles are a perfect hairdo for all seasons. Ghanian lines perfectly match both professional and casual setting. Besides having the protective element and looking good, this hairstyle packs some major benefits. They can last for many weeks as long as you keep them healthy.
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8.Bounce twists

They are plaited and the long finishes slice off to the length of your jaw or neck and the closures consumed with a flame for fortification. With time they expect a wavy shape around your face. You can hold some of them up and leave those on the sides giving or you can give them every one of the a chance to dangle unreservedly from your head.
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9.Favor line twists.

This one is special as well. They begin off with straightforward pencil lines, when midway they complete off as interlaces, to such an extent that the back is plaited as meshes and the front is styled with pencil lines. This haircut is so dope and some of your most loved VIPs are attempting it as of now.

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On the off chance that you’d love to have your meshes fixed, with the end goal that you don’t need to keep tying them up or letting them lose, Mohawk I unquestionably for you. You can try them out in various colors and you can let them down when you are worn out on the Mohawk.kenyan hairstyles 2018

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