KEMRI: DNA Test Charges in Kenya

A DNA test is important when it comes to matching one person with another. It involves the extraction of a body sample then running it against another sample from the next person. In Kenya, this test is popularly conducted by KEMRI which has all the required facilities and equipment. In this post, I will show you the DNA Test Charges in Kenya by KEMRI. 

About KEMRI DNA Testing

KEMRI Human DNA Identification Laboratory popularly known as HID laboratory is a leading laboratory in the provision of DNA testing services in Kenya. The body offers DNA Testing services in the area of paternity testing and also family relationship DNA testing. KEMRI facility meets the international standards, therefore, ensuring the quality of service. The laboratory serves both private clients as well as those referred to them from law courts. They aim at making the services available and affordable to all.

KEMRI being a primarily a research institute in the region, the laboratory is enthusiastic on initiating and collaborating in the field of DNA forensics. They furthermore offer training on DNA testing as a way of contributing towards capacity building both in Kenya locally and regionally.

KEMRI Services

  • KEMRI offers DNA testing services for both legal and also personal knowledge. Legal DNA Testing. A legal DNA test is needed as evidence in a law court. They follow a strict chain of custody documentation procedure to ensure that the DNA results are legally permissible. To ensure the integrity of DNA results;
  • The sample is obtained by an impartial third party in the laboratory
  • The people tested are positively identified by giving out a government-issued ID or passport
  • Samples are accurately tracked and matched to every test participant throughout the whole DNA testing process.

When coming for the sample collection, you will be required to complete a client identification and an approval form (for minors the consent/approval is signed by the lawful guardian)

Personal Knowledge DNA Test; If a DNA analysis is not needed for legal reasons and is for personal knowledge, the testing process is less rigorous. You can go for self-collection, or you can come to the KEMRI laboratory and have the sample obtained for you. Get in touch with KEMRI for further details using the contacts here.

Research; KEMRI carry out research in the field of DNA forensics. They are actively associated with both local and international research collaborations

Training services: They offer research facility for postgraduate students as well as structured training modules in the field of Human DNA testing

KEMRI Charges and Fee 2019

DNA Testing OptionDNA test for
personal Knowledge
DNA test for Legal
Lab process time
Paternity Test: Mother, Child and
Alleged Father
OR Child and Alleged Father
without mother
Ksh20,000Ksh20,0005-10 Working days
Maternity Test:
Mother and child
Ksh20,000Ksh20,0005-10 Working days
Full Siblingship. Two alleged full
siblings with or without common
Ksh20,000Ksh20,0005-10 Working days
Half sibling ship. Two alleged
half siblings with or without
common parents
Ksh20,000Ksh20,0005-10 Working days
DNA Profile IndividualKsh10,000Ksh10,0005-10 working days
DNA Forensic Viability Test   
A test on unusual samples is used
to detect presence of usable DNA.
If the viability test reveals the
presence of usable DNA, A
standard DNA test will then
Fee is variable and
depends on sample
type and condition.
 Duration depends
on type of sample
Child ID Services
Nursery Confirmation: 1 child,
legally binding test
Ksh20,000Ksh20,0005-10 working days
Additional tested partyKsh10,000N/AN/A


Viability Testing charges

Category A ≥ 90%
Category B 60-90%
Ksh10, 000 
Category C 20-60%
Category D ≤ 20%
Blood fresh or in
cold storage less
than 30 days old
Blood / Semen stain
on clothing
includes bandages,
gauze, and facial
tissue paper or
Drinking StrawHair with roots
ensure roots are
present )7-10
pieces) shed hair
will not work
Blood on filter paper
as called Whatman,
Matrix or parchment
less than 30 days old.
Blood on filter paper
as called Whatman,
Matrix or parchment
less than 30 days old
Tissue (muscles,
depends on age &
storage conditions,
Feminine padTooth Brush
Blood on filter paper
as called whatman,
Matrix or parchment
less than 30 days old.
Dried umbilical
must have a
reference sample
from mother.
Soda can / drinking
swab well with
cotton swab
Cigarette buts
fresh or frozen
Cotton Swab ( ear
Plastic fork / spoon
Swab well
depends on storage
condition / swab
inside of condom

Note: Unusual samples include
Percentage (%) means the rate of success

KEMRI Contacts

Address: P.O BOX 54840-00200 Nairobi, Kenya

Mobile: +254(0)722 205901

Landline: +254(020)2722541



Located at KEMRI HQ MBAGATHI, production department

Still have any doubts about DNA Test Charges in Kenya? Leave a comment or use the KEMRI Contacts above to get support.



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