Faida Investment Bank contacts and SWIFT code

Faida Investment Bank contacts and SWIFT code

Faida Investment Bank Limited is a top market leader in the Kenyan securities and stock markets, achieving consistent and protected top performance in secondary stock trading at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The institution has achieved these breakthroughs by consciously following standards of economy, efficiency, and friendship with investors.
Their character is best reflected in the top quality of their customer base, institutions, and also individuals who require and get the highest value proposition by the banker. Faida Bank subscribes to fulfill professional business services under a good business model built around these core values and business strengths:

  • Qualified professional staff, which we sustain and develop
  • Personalized quality service for their clients – The institution aims to provide you with a transaction channel to satisfy your needs
  • A culture of excellent ethical standards
  • Flexibility – FIB do their best to accommodate individual special needs

Difference between a share and a Bond

What is a share?

A share is a piece of control of a company. When you buy a company share, you become the owner of a portion of the company’s profit and/or losses. By purchasing a share, money which could have remained idle or otherwise contained in low interest-earning savings, moves to an even more fruitful economic activity. The profitability of investing in company shares, however, depends on the sound management of the given company, avoidance of resource wastage and a favorable business environment.

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What is a bond?

A bond is simply a loan between a borrower and a lender. The money borrower promises to repay the lender some interest rate quarterly or semi-annually at some stipulated date in the future. The borrower additionally promised to repay the original money invested by the lender. The banker/lender lends and then expects to make a profit out of the deal. The profit from a bond is obtained in the form of an interest.

Faida Investment Bank Ltd BIC / Swift code is FASRKEN1XXX

Faida Investment Bank contacts

You can contact FIB through these contacts in case you have any questions or issues with the institution.

Head Office

Address: Crawford Business Park, State House Rd, Nairobi Kenya

Phone: 020 7606026-37

Email: info@fib.co.ke

Website: https://fib.co.ke/contact/

Nairobi Office

Address: Windsor House, 1ST floor Along University Way

Phone: 020 2243811 – 3
Phone2: 0733 243 811 
Phone3: 0724 721 014

Email: info@fib.co.ke



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