What is HELB?

Higher Education Loans Board, HELB, is the main financier of higher education in Kenya. It is a State Organ that was established by an Act of Parliament (Cap 213A) in the year 1995 to disburse student loans, bursaries, and scholarships to students who are pursuing higher education in the approved institution. The board gives affordable loans bursaries and scholarship to Kenyans continuing higher education.

How do you create helb account?

To access the assistance from HELB, you need an account to start. Follow the following easy steps to get registered on the helb portal.

  1. Visit the HELB Portal website
  2. Fill in the form given under Applicants Account Creation
  3. Click the Sign-Up Button
  4. Bingo, you have created a student account on The HELB Portal, please check your official email address to activate your account.
  5. Login to your email address (that you signed up with)and click on HELB Portal Activation link(check spam folder too)
  6. Once back at the HELB student Portal, log in with the credentials given earlier.
  7. Update your Personal and Residential info, and Click Save now Button
  8. You can now select the appropriate loan product to apply under the Loans section
  9. Download and print two copies of your duly filled loan application form
  10. Have them confirmed and stamped by the appropriate authority and guarantors(for first-time helb applicants only and by your school dean at the University for subsequent loan applicants)
  11. If asked to create a new account in the portal, repeat the steps above.
  12. You can edit details about your County, Constituency or Employment state, click the Biodata Tab, under the personal details section, click next, then change your Country/Employment status/Constituency and save
  13. Now you can simply apply for a loan from your County or Constituency.

You need to give accurate information about you in the subsequent fields. If you are having trouble, see Higher Education Loans Board HELB Contacts,phone number,email

In order to access your HELB Student Login portal, follow this login LINK

Availed HELB Student Portal will help the students to access, with ease, all HELB facilities, services, and communications as well as HELB Latest news.

From the ‘HELB Extranet Login’ page in the portal, type in your email address as your username and your unique Password. Provided email address should be the same one that you registered within the first place.Helb requirements and application

helb loan requirements

The following items are required before applying for HELB loan:

  • Original ID card
  • Valid Bank Account
  •  KRA PIN
  • Photocopy of Parents IDs
  • KCPE and KCSE results
  • Working Email address
  • Guarantor details
  • coloured Passport photos

HELB Loan Registration Process

The moment you land on the HELB Student Login Website www.helb.co.ke,follow this simple steps to get started easily.

  1. You Click on “Student Portal” on the top right side corner of the HELB portal.
  2. Scroll down the page and click “create an account” to register your details which include (Middle Name,First Name, Last Name, *national ID Number, *working Email Address and a unique Password) then Click “Sign Up”
  3. Wait for activation unique link.
  4. Now Login to the provided email address to access the HELB Portal *activation link and click on it.
  5. Then Login to the HELB Portal from the activation link
  6. You can then Update Personal and Residence Details and Click on “Save”
  7. Choose the suitable HELB Loan Product to Apply

How to check for your loan allocation and disbursement

Once you apply for HELB loan,you may be a bit confused on how to check whether your loan has been allocated or disbursed.The following are some of the ways to check for your HELB status online.

Method 1; The simplest,simply check your bank account

Method 2;

  • Login to HELB portal
  • Select loan status. It will open a new page
  • Select Loan Reports and a drop down menu indicating disbursement and statement will appear
  • Select on disbursement and a form similar to the one below will appear. It indicates your loan disbursement status.

Method 3;

Also very simple, follow HELB on facebook or twitter and provide them with your ID, you might be lucky if they reply with your HELB status, they don’t reply to all queries due to overwhelming user numbers.Check also their contacts here.HELB online portal,student login,HELB loan status,forgot password

How to recover helb portal password

In the event that you forgot your HELB Student Login Password;you can recover by,

Here are the steps to recover helb password

  1. Go to the login page
  2. Then Click on “Forgot Password?” link
  3. Insert the address to reset your password
  4. A unique activation link will be sent to your registered email address where you will be prompted to change the password.

HELB Scholarships.

HELB grants scholarships to postgraduate scholars pursuing their Masters or Doctoral studies. This scholarship is based on academic excellence. The application season is April to July Applicants are asked to pay a processing fee of Ksh 3,000. click here to apply

HELB Account Recovery/Update

In order To access the form there,provided recovery form there is for users who want to recover their HELB Students’ Portal details or change their ID. No., email, or password.

  1. First Click on “Unable to login?” link in the helb portal
  2. Secondly Select ID. No. and Email then Enter The Corresponding Value then click search
  3. Now A popup window will appear informing you to confirm If The Following Details Describe You
    Names:    ——
    Phone No:    ——-
    Email:    —–
    Reg. No:    ——–
  4. Select the necessary option to proceed
  5. Next Complete the options in the new window and recovery details will be sent to your email address

What to do if your HELB Loan Application is Rejected

You can Appeal or reject the offer. Most students fear to make an appeal against the amount they are allocated by HELB, fearing reprisals like withdrawal of the initial loan awarded. If you feel that your helb loan has been underfunded, make an appeal in time, so that your case can be reviewed again. You should also be ready to hand them more proof to support your claims.

If you firmly feel that the amount allocated by helb to you is not enough you can reject the loan offer and reapply for the next economic academic year. You can also check your helb loan balance through the process listed here.

Helb Loan Application Tips

  • Read the HELB loan application requirements and instructions before filling in the loan application form.
  • Fill in your full names and other details such as your Bank details, Degree, date of birth, and School correctly.
  • Exhaust avenues to confirm your household expenses and income. Try to be as detailed as possible.
  • Ensure that all of those required to sign have signed and in the right places. This includes you, your guardians, a church priest or pastor, magistrate or commissioner of oaths, chief etc.
  • Confirm if all the figures with somebody who has filled the form before and was successfully or any person with such knowledge.
  • Note that, Helb doesn’t allow you to go to their offices to counter check the documents due to the large volumes of application forms.


  1. my subsequent loan application for 2019-2020 has failed due to statement”you provided false financial and occupation parental information “. what can i do to correct this and i do not have a copy of original application form.


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