Highest paid radio presenters in Kenya

The Kenya’s radio space is one place with a lot of money to make, and some radio presenters earn more than others. The average salary of radio presenters in Kenya is Ksh100000. It all depends on how important you become in the industry and consequently the amount of money you bring to the station.

-The radio capabilities in Kenya are making some good money and the competition amongst several shows have been tighter than tight; therefore, this list is the highest paid radio presenters in Kenya.

Cess Mutungi

She is the sassy Cess Mutungi. Mutungi’s voice has graced the radio airwaves for more than a decade now at several radio stations including KISS 100 radio and now at Capital FM. Mutungi is measured to be taking home more than KSh200, 000 every month.Highest paid radio presenters in Kenya


Jalang’o aka Mr. Jalas is arguably the highest paid comedian in Kenya as of 2019 owing to the several TV commercials that he features and the diverse MC jobs over the weekend. Nevertheless, as a Radio Maisha co-host of the morning show, the funnyman Jalas is said to be making around KSh200,000 per month.Highest paid radio presenters in Kenya


Mbusi is one radio man whose story many know too well at least for now. He was once a junior staff at Ghetto radio before the big opportunity to try his voice on the air came unexpectedly. After ‘killing’ the popular reggae show with Bonoko at Ghetto radio, Radio Jambo came calling to him and presented him with a whopping KSh600,000 salary.Highest paid radio presenters in Kenya

Mwalimu King’ang’i

Mwalimu King’ang’ i is a radioman with multiple identities. It took many people several years to know that Churchill of the popular Churchill Show was the Mwalimu King’ang’ i on the radio. Daniel Ndambuki is a real success story in the comedy industry in the country. Put the millions that come from his top TV show and other businesses aside. Reliable Sources say that as a co-host at Classic 105 Fm breakfast show, Churchill laughs all the way to the bank to collect more than KSh800,000 each month.Highest paid radio presenters in Kenya churchill

Maina Kageni

There is no uncertainty that in this digital era, he is the king of radio holding the largest audience in Kenya’s major Kenyan cities and towns. His radio allure has made him enjoy good chemistry with several fans, especially women who literally die to listen to his melodious voice every single morning on the radio. Believe you me, Mr. Kageni is said to be making a whopping KSh1.8 million every single month from the radio job alone.Highest paid radio presenters in Kenya maina kageni

A good amount of these top radio presenters in Kenya are known to be hard workers with staunch determination. Kageni, for example, is reportedly an outstanding time manager who hardly fails to report for his duties in time.

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