In these modern times when smartphones are running everything from window-shopping online on social media, to checking and replying to your email or even working on your device, it is essential that you understand how to operate and escape the deadly accident of running out of data without knowing. The worst condition is if it happens at a terrible time like in the midst of the night or whenever you are in the middle of something significant. That’s why this comprehensive guide will give you all the information regarding how to check Airtel data balance.

Why do you need this guide?

First of all, understanding, this will significantly save you the frustration of running out of data bundles without knowing and having to wait for later on to reload.
It can significantly help you to manage your airtime
Having this information will really come in handy, and you can likewise share with your friends
Knowing the means to check Airtel data balance will assist you to reload your data earlier before they entirely run out.
So, let’s check out the different methods you can use.

Various ways to use to check Airtel data balance

Let’s explain further on these two methods. Airtel data balance is essential for both postpaid and prepaid users. Airtel features Amazing data plan, Unliminet Modem and even Unliminet. All these programs are unique in their own ways and present users with great freedom depending on any that one may decide to select. There are two main methods to check your airtel data balance. You can either check via USSD codes or by downloading a mobile app that controls your data usage.

Let’s explain further on these two methods.

USS Codes

The USSD codes help in different ways which are checking your airtime balance and even your data balance. There are multiple means that you can use USSD codes to check your Airtel data balance:

*544# – you can dial this short USSD code which can similarly be used to access all the Airtel data plans. When you dial the dial, it will take you to the main page, and you will have to go to “Next” to get the option of checking your data balance.

*544*3# – this short USSD code can be used to check Airtel data balance for all the plans. This process can also be used to check your redeemed data bundles from Airtel. This is Airtel’s loyalty plans known as “Zawadi Points” where you can land yourself some tremendous free data bundles. So, if you haven’t registered in the program, you need to do it as soon as possible to start benefiting.

*131*154# – this short USSD code is used to check your bonus data balance. Airtel has been operating an offer for data bonus since the start of this year. The most common offer is the one that is given if you buy 150MB for Ks.50 after which you will then be rewarded with extra 150MB. All these offers are valid for seven days. The other offer by Airtel is that if you buy 2GB for Ks.250, you will get free 500MB that is likewise valid for 7 days.

Once verified through these codes, you will receive an SMS showing your airtel data balance. The SMS is sent to you following a few seconds from requesting the information.

Using the mobile app

There are several mobile applications you can use to track your data usage which can further help you to check Airtel data balance, and this can also assist you to manage your airtime. Let’s check out some of these apps:

Mubble app – This mobile app is very fitting as it helps in sending you low warning alerts, particularly if you have no control over the usage of your data.

True balance mobile app – This Android mobile app helps to track your mobile recharges and also the data.

Smart mobile app – This is also another great mobile app which can help you track the data usage for both 3G and 4G.

Smartbro tracker mobile app – This Android mobile app is very convenient as it helps in tracking your prepaid balance and also the data usage. You can use it to check the Airtel data balance.

Alternatively, you can similarly check Airtel data balance online. To do this, you will need to generate an account with Airtel online on their website. After you set up an account and all the details are right, you just log in, and you will find a segment that shows your monthly data usage, which you can utilize to check your data balance.

Whichever approach that seems to be fit for you from the above guide is still good. The essential thing is to know how to check bundle balance on Airtel Kenya the right way and to avoid any disappointments in the near future.


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