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Your KRA pin is critical particularly on the off chance that you need to complete certain exchanges/transactions. It can be baffling in the event that you don’t have the basic idea about your Pin and need to finish a significant transaction. Luckily we’ve got your back and it is workable for you to recover your KRA pin number as long as you have your ID with you. This has made it less demanding and easier for Kenyans everywhere throughout the nation.

Step by step instructions to get KRA PIN Using ID Number

There are diverse techniques to get your PIN with an ID card as it were. Here is a portion of the best procedures that have helped Kenyans for so long. It is very essential to know how to get KRA pin utilizing your id number

KRA Itax pin checker

Each time you need to do a KRA pin checker chances are that you are vexed and confused. A good number of people usually look all over the web on how to know their KRA PIN or passwords…PIN checker. There is dependably somebody searching for an approach to get to their pin without going back to the house or office to recover the record. Some applications requiring the Pin could be time sensitive and as such could require you to speedily fill in the right forms.

The most effective method to check my KRA pin using ID number

Luckily for individuals that need to get to their Pins in such circumstances, there is a speedy answer for your situation. All you require is to have an ID with you.

The very first idea is for you to take advantage of social media pages. Scan your original ID and post the scanned copy on KRA’S official page and request them for information regarding your Pin number.

Give them a compelling reason that you forgot your password and as such are unable to access it directly from their online portal. Alternatively, you can tweet the scanned KRA pin copy to their twitter handle. The KRA public relations team will promptly reply to your posts in less than an hour’s time, many have done it and succeeded.

How to get KRA PIN using ID Number

How to Check your KRA Pin Using ID Number 2019-step by step procedure

How to Check your KRA Pin Using ID Number 2019-step by step procedure

This is a full guide on how to check your KRA PIN Number using your ID in Kenya. You can either use social media channels like facebook and twitter or use KRA email address to retrieve your KRA Pin online.

Prep Time 3 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 1 minute
Total Time 9 minutes


  • Kenyan ID
  • Scanned copy of ID


  • Smartphone
  • Internet


  1. Scan a copy of your Kenyan ID card
  2. Search for KRA in facebook or twitter or use email address
  3. send the scanned copy of ID to KRA inbox, tweet or send to the email address with your query
  4. Wait for KRA to respond to the query with your PIN
  5. You are done, you can now file your KRA returns


In some instances, you may want to check a KRA PIN on whether the PIN is genuine or not. Such are arguments familiar with employers and other related authorities liable for KRA tax codes of conducts. Before the KRA PIN checker, you could simply send a copy of KRA PIN and ask for verification help from media KRA social team. Nowadays, PIN checker is the best option as will be explained below.

KRA pin checker is necessary for confirming authenticity and ownership of a pin to avoid being gullible to fraud. Kenya Revenue Authority explicitly generates legit PIN under the Domestic Taxes Department System. All generated personal identification numbers safely stored associated with the ID number of the owners. KRA PIN checkers only restrict accessible information to PIN and ownership names.

On the off chance that online networking isn’t your thing at that point consider sending the scanned ID duplicate to their official email address which is The last strategy would visit the KRA workplaces with your ID and demand for help on the same.

In our, experience, recommends the social media methods over sending them a mail. They tend to answer queries on social media faster and may never even take a look at the pile of mail sent via their mailing channel. All the best filing your KRA TAX Returns.

We hope this helped solve the question, how to check my KRA Pin using ID number? If you have any ideas, let us know


    • 1. Log-onto itax
      2. On the registration section, Choose Amend PIN Details
      3. Choose mode of Amendment;Online form
      4. Section to be amended> PIN>>Basic information
      5. Choose;A. Basic info., At the contacts section, you can change your email address
      6. At the bottom click submit
      7. An amended PIN Certificate will be sent to your email
      8. Download and print the new PIN Certificate

    • you can either advice your client to visit any itax office near them.another scan the clients id card then upload to them tag it to kra twitter handle ask them to check the pin for you then they will get back to you


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