How to get Safaricom PUK number to unblock your sim card

There is usually that one time that you will be struggling to get your cell phone SIM card back online. Most of the time you simply acquired a new line, and you are yet to memorise the new pin number. Sometimes you realise that it’s all because you are using your other cell phone number and you are however to adapt to the situation. Moreover, perhaps at times you simply were a bit reckless.

Whatever the purpose, what matters is that you now have a line blocked for entering the wrong pin three times. Safaricom does give you significantly immense means on how to get PUK. In other terms, you don’t need to be worried any longer since Safaricom got your back now. PUK code recovery is pretty much easy currently. There were days when it wasn’t this easy, but that were the times everybody else was trying to catch up with innovative technology.

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Getting Your PUK is Nowadays Easier

In those days very few individuals knew how to find PUK code on the sim card. In any circumstance, they did lose the accompanying papers with which they bought their sim cards so early in the day. That was a significant hurdle because if you couldn’t memorise your pin number, it became an over-expectation that you would ever remember the PUK number again. Since the old times are most likely left behind us, the question we now have to deal with is, how to get your SIM card PUK no in case you got your sim card blocked?

The method has since been simplified. You no longer required to make calls to customer care at Safaricom and be in the line for some minutes longer than you expected. You only need to proceed and dial *100# from some other Safaricom card. You will be required to select the Get PUK Number option.

You will then be needed to enter the MSISDN that wants the PUK number. Next, you will be asked to give your Kenyan national identification number or pin number in case you happen to remember the same. Upon confirmation of your ID number, you will be required to enter the last top-up amount that you made. The sim PUK code will then be sent to you shortly afterwards. That should be simple.

How to get your Safaricom PUK online

The essential facility available now is Safaricom online live or email support. This is seemingly what brought the tough old days to their legitimate conclusion. Safaricom apparently has been one of the most dynamic companies when it comes to adapting to technological changes. The procedure to retrieve your sim card in a matter of minutes is described online. Since your sim card is blocked, the very first assumption is you may be having the PUK code with you somewhere. More frequently than not you won’t be having it with you.

How to get Safaricom PUK number to unblock your sim card

That is how Safaricom self-care or online guidance comes in. The next thing is to get down and register an online self-care account with the organisation. From there you will have 24 hours access to an online quick support officer who should promptly guide you throughout the process. The online live chat is one of the major innovations that Safaricom has since adjusted to reduce overcrowding in customer care voice traffic. It is on the easy line of how to get PUK number Safaricom.

It is very important to remember nevertheless that you don’t need to open an online account with Safaricom ltd to get to have a live chat with an organisation agent. You simply log into their self-care site, and you choose to request a live chat with a customer care agent. You can likewise opt to receive your PUK via email. That is by sending an email with the query to with confirmation details of the sim card owner attached in the mail. If you live close to a Safaricom customer care shop, then you can simply walk in and walk out with an unblocked line.

Recap of the Process


  • An active Safaricom line (You can use your family/friends phone)
  • Your affected mobile phone number
  • Your ID number or Your PIN
  • The last top-up amount on your line


  • Dial USSD *100# on the borrowed phone (Safaricom Phone)
  • This takes you at Prepay self-care
  • Scroll down to menu 98 …(may be updated by Safaricom regularly)
  • Go to get PUK number
  • Enter the mobile number of the Safaricom line you want to get PUK for.
  • Enter your ID number
  • Give them the last direct top-up amount on the line.


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