How to link StarTimes decoder to StarTimes ON app

How to link StarTimes decoder to StarTimes ON app

Startimes is one of the best satellite Tv service provider in Kenya offering hundreds of live channels. Besides that, they’ve got a wonderful startimes app that you can use to stream all live channels on the go. Catch up with the latest soaps and news whenever you want.

Here are the steps for linking Startimes decoder to your Startimes app

  1. Download the latest StarTimes ON app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Select ‘Me’ and tap on ‘Sign in’
  3. Choose the ‘Register’ option
  4. Enter your phone number or the email address to get a verification code, then choose ‘Next’
  5. Enter a password, then choose ‘Next’
  6. Answer a simple security question or skip it if not interested
  7. Enter your password and then tap on ‘Sign in’
  8. Choose ‘StarTimes Decoder Service’
  9. Choose the ‘Link’ option
  10. Enter your decoder’s smart card and the last 6 digits of your startimes S/N number, then tap on ‘Link’
  11. You will get a notification that your Startimes decoder has been linked successfully with the StarTimes ON app

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