Kengen internship and careers

I bet many of you, our esteemed readers, would like to commence your career at KenGen. Perhaps, even some of you already tried to apply for a job position in the past. Didn’t work that time round? That is no basis for despair! Please Continue reading below, and we here at will tell you how to apply for KenGen careers & internships 2020 at, and eventually get the job of your dreams! We are going to discuss more about the Kengen internship and careers of 2020.

Becoming a KenGen employee or an intern is a real key to a flourishing career, stable future life and decent wages. So, it is not extraordinary that, so many Kenyans are really applying for all available careers at KenGen Kenya. Furthermore, KenGen current vacancies list is constantly promoted in the newspapers or on the Internet via credible sources like exposeke, to attract even more people.

So, you can guess how many people are willing to apply for these positions. Nonetheless, it doesn’t indicate that you don’t have an opportunity to get the job, and there is no reason to send your CV. Now, continue reading below, and we will tell you how to apply for KenGen career opportunities & Internships properly and make sure that your CV is not forgotten in a hundred of others who are also trying to get the limited positions at this lucrative company.

About KenGen

Back In 1996, the Kenyan government resolved to divide the energy generation and electricity sale within to distribute spheres. Then in 1997, Kenyan power giants such as, Kenya power and lighting company KPLC and Kengen were assigned a task to sell electricity to all their consumers across the country’s borders.

KenGen and KPLC were required by the Kenyan government to sell electricity to their buyers in 1997

KenGen tightly interacts with Kenya Power, as they are dispensing all the produced electricity power in enormous amounts to Kenya Power, that in its turn is selling it to common Kenyan citizens. This indicates that KenGen careers Kenya are forever required, as KenGen sustains its leadership in the electricity production sector.

Nowadays, the KenGen Company is a pleased owner of 31 power generating factories with a combined installed capacity of 1,337Mega Watts. There are various methods with which KenGen is generating electricity power – hydropower, geothermal, thermal stations, and innovative wind power. So, you can be confident that there will be enough KenGen career opportunities for you in every sphere.

KenGen internship 2019

KenGen is committed to promoting the empowerment of youth in line with Government youth action agenda by providing opportunities to the young graduates to sharpen their knowledge and experiences in their respective professions through a quick term internship program.

In line with this said initiative, we are looking for fitted persons for the Internship program that will commence on 1st July 2019 for a period of six (6) months. We have limited opportunities and candidate should meet the following requirements:

The Requirements

  • Availability for the full duration of the program (6 months)
  • Holder of any relevant Degree or Diploma acquired from an accredited institution in the last 4 years
  • 21 to 29 years of age
  • team builder

How to apply

  • Open
  • Go to the Career Opportunities section and apply according to the specified instructions
  • The deadline ends as stipulated on the portal
  • Applications for KenGen internships are to be made online. Hard copies are not accepted
  • KenGen will contact only the shortlisted candidates
  • If an applicant does not obtain any feedback by 5.00 pm on 31st May, 2019.(subject to change as per to the portal), they should consider their application rejected

Things to note when applying

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Successful applicants will be required to complete the six months program without a break so as to fully profit from the objectives of this key initiative.
  • KenGen will not extend employment after completion of the program. However, candidates who successfully complete the program will be eligible to apply for any posts in the company as always advertised from time to time.
  • Successful applicants will be required to submit a certificate of good conduct.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further info.
  • Canvassing, falsifying or misrepresentation of any information will lead to automatic disqualification.

Careers at KenGen

Kengen workers are highly professional people with strong knowledge in their sphere and motivation to create a successful career in their firm. The key to success as a KenGen operator is a combination of professionalism, self-dedication to your work, teamwork, and, professional passion.

If you are sure that you are the kind of person that fully suits the KenGen career, you should clearly give it a shot. For the refreshed KenGen careers Kenya list, visit the company’s (Kengen) official website. You can either just search for it on your own in the Internet or directly, follow the link –

Select the “Vacancies” menu and click on it once located. You will be redirected to a new tab with all KenGen current vacancies.

Updated KenGen careers & internships of 2019 are available on their official website

Right near the job title, you will be able to find a comprehensive job description. If you click on it, a new PDF file will open – a four-page paper with information regarding the dimensions, required knowledge, division/department, deadline dates, job purpose, principal accountabilities, and experience, as well as skills and competencies.

Kengen internship and careers

Obviously, that the very first thing you will have to do is to read all the provided information accurately and soberly evaluate your chances. Do you have all the necessitated skills and talents? What are you waiting for? Send your CV and all the needed required documents!

If you are a university or College student(attachment stage), there is a likelihood to apply for a KenGen internship. Commence your career at one of the KenGen offices or fields that are established all over Kenya. The method of getting the KenGen internships is the same, as already described above for the job openings. Visit the official website and choose the needed menu.

How to apply for internships or careers at KenGen?

Got the vacancy of your dreams? Then you will need to create a personal account on the KenGen portal to be able to apply and get the interview. Once, the Kengen registration process was successful, you will have to log in to your website account and continue the applying.

In case you have difficulties with sending your documents or have any questions, feel free to send and an inquiry email to this address, Have inquiries concerning the detailed job vacancy? Get the lacked answers from

Reach the KenGen assistance team or HR department if you have problems with job applying.

KenGen contacts

Contacts list of KenGen head office:

The physical address of Kengen – STIMA PLAZA, PHASE III.

Postal address – P.O. BOX 47936, 00100, NAIROBI.

Telephone numbers – 0711036000/0732116000/203666000.

Email address –

Always Watch the KenGen career opportunities portal and one day you will find the job of your desires. You are already working for KenGen as an intern, full time, or tried to apply for a position there before? Please, feel free to share your good or bad experience in the comments section below



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