Most Marketable Courses in Kenya 2020

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In 2020, Kenyans would like to pursue the most marketable courses. Luckily, there are university courses which can give you a job immediately you complete your studies. Bikenya News has been reviewing the list of most marketable courses in Kenya ever since its incorporation. In this chapter, here is a list of programs you should study in Kenyan universities.

Software Engineering

The initial course that will come into your mind when you imagine of marketable courses is software engineering obviously. If you’re mathematically talented and you can handle complicated programming, join software engineering course.

At the moment, the average salary of a software engineer in Kenya is Ksh200,000.Top Companies like Safaricom,Google and IBM ltd pay in excess of Kshs 500,000 per month.


Many Kenyans may not be aware that a course such as Monitoring&Evaluation will take them anywhere, but it is known that most graduates of this program are a lucky lot for sure. If you pursue a Bachelor of Applied Statistics and continue to study Masters in M&E, chances of being unemployed are almost zero.

The current monthly earnings of a Monitoring Evaluation specialist is Kshs180, 000. Companies employing these specialists include NGOs and government institutions doing research in various fields.

The major cause M&E is marketable is because of the number of professionals is less than the available job openings. For example, when attending interviews, you’ll understand that only three or four people are in attendance. Any M&E work vacancy attracts below 30 applicants.


Pharmacy is additionally one of the hot cakes. The program is not only popular in Kenya but one that would make you a prosperous entrepreneur. As a pharmacist, you can choose to launch your own chemistry or at least seek employment in major corporations like NACADA and GSK.

A less marketable course is one with virtually zero opportunities. Such courses include Bachelor of Fisheries, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Sociology. Bachelor of Pharmacy has many opportunities that lead to the intersection of employers and workers to the point where the quantity of job opportunities succeed in the number of graduates.

Chartered Financial Analyst

In Kenya, when you hold Chartered Financial Analyst, other degree courses do not matter at all. Employers know that CFA is difficult, and once someone has completed to Level 3, they are qualified enough to pursue any available tasks. The unemployment rate for Financial Analyst presently stands at 10%, the lowest among the most marketable courses in Kenya.

If you’re fortunate to complete CFA, your starting wage will never be below Kshs 200,000

Nevertheless, for one to pursue CFA, they must initially complete an undergraduate course. The most popular and relevant undergraduate courses include Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Actuarial Science, Statistics, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Statistics

Another course that I won’t forget here is a Bachelor of Statistics. Though the average salary for statistics experts is Kshs 120,000, the number of opportunities are extensive.

If you are a student who is getting As in Mathematics and Science course, you can apply for a degree in a statistics course, and all will be well with your profession. Once you’re through with your education, even if you don’t get employed, you will be a top consultant.

The good stuff about Statistics is that you are able to expand. While in college, you can choose to be a demographer, accountant, actuary, data analyst, financial analyst, or Monitoring & Evaluation Expert.

These are the best universities to study statistics in Kenya:

  • The University of Nairobi (UON)—Bachelor of Statistics
  • Maseno University—Bachelor of Applied Statistics
  • Strathmore University—Bachelor of Statistics
  • Kabarak University—Bachelor of Statistics
  • Moi University—Bachelor of Statistics and Computing
  • JKUAT—Bachelor of Statistics
  • Kenyatta University—Bachelor of Economics and Statistics

Actuarial Science

Actuaries are the professionals who model risks for insurance firms, audit firms, and government organizations. They work at organizations like IRA, RBA, Kenya RE, Nairobi Securities Exchange, Old Mutual, CIC Insurance, Alexander Forbes, PWC, KPMG group and a host of other financial institutions.

Actuarial science degree course without professional qualifications may not benefit you much; you have to seek professional certificates from SOA or ICFA. Once you are done with SOA certification, you will join the market as a top earner. At present,a qualified Actuary earns between Kshs350,000 to Kshs1.5 million per month.

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Since only a few Kenyans can manage actuarial expert papers, the industry has numerous possibilities for these professionals.

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

Chances for Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery have decreased with time, but that does not suggest that the profession isn’t marketable. If you have a degree in medicine and surgery, you can open a clinic, seek a profession in the private sector, or go overseas to apply your skills.

The prevailing monthly salary for a qualified doctor in Kenya is Kshs 210,000. The pay climbs upwards as they gain more experience.


Piloting is so far at the moment the most marketable course in Kenya as of 2019. The sad thing about this piloting course is that it takes one up to 3 years in college, but the program consumes more than Ksh5 million. This figure is only achievable by the rich or those with sponsors.

If you’re fortunate to secure a job as a pilot in Kenya, you will make up to Ksh3 million per month. Pilot trainees at Kenya Airways (KQ) and other top aviation companies earn more than Kshs150,000

Sales &Marketing course

Many of us Kenyans may underestimate marketing business, but whether you like it or not, this is one program you can pursue and get hired even before you graduate. Companies such as Jumia, Kilimall, and Amazon pay up to millions of shillings to their top marketers.

Cake Baking course

Cake baking course has featured in the list of most marketable courses for the very first time. The demand for cakes in Kenya has been souring over time, especially in Nairobi, leading to the massive demand for cake baking professionals. At the moment, if you study a course in cake baking, chances of being jobless in Kenya are almost zero. The beauty of this lucrative course is that even if you don’t secure work, you can always start your own cake baking industry.


There are jobs we always ignore yet they are marketable. Plumbing profession is one of the courses that have various opportunities, but Kenyans ignore it in most cases. If you live in Nairobi, you know how plumbers are on high demand.

As a plumber, once you are called to fix something, you charge the amount you believe the customer is capable of paying. Sometimes I notice plumbers charging up to Kshs5,000 for a work done in 5 minutes.

Bachelor of Law course

Bachelor of Law is remarkably good when a lawyer gains valuable experience in the enterprise. I agree that at first, you will really struggle, but after doing an excellent job to a few clients, you will end up making millions each month.

Currently, lawyers like Paul Muite and James Orengo make up to Kshs50 million per month with their law firms.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering courses

Electrical & Electronics Engineering courses should similarly not be ignored. This course has been one of the best in Kenya, and it still remains the very best. An electrical Engineer at Kenya Power or KenGen and KAA make in excess of Kshs180,000 per month.

As an electrical engineer, you can begin your own firm or join an employment and start earning more than Kshs150,000 in monthly salaries.

Project Management

Project Managers are not only highly sought after, but they are also likewise among the highest paid professionals in Kenya today. Any project, before it’s started, must have a project manager who will create it from inception to completion.

Real Estate Management

Real Estate business is booming in Kenya, so does job opportunities in this area. Some organizations such as Cytonn Investments are hiring real estate experts on a daily basis; they likewise go a step further to pay them extremely to make them so pleased to the extent of forgetting themselves.

Quantity Surveying

I couldn’t end this article about Most Marketable Courses in Kenya without mentioning Quantity Surveying course.In Kenya, whether you hold a degree or diploma course in quantity surveying, the lots of being jobless are almost zero. Quantity surveying is not only highly marketable but also among the greatest paying courses in the country.

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