Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi and Malindi postal codes

Have you ever questioned about what makes your area different from another one? Do you know all the postal codes in your region? Are you planning to live in Coastal Kenya area or its environs? If you want to have a quiet and easy time sending letters and other papers to offices around the area, knowing the right Coast postal codes is essential.

Regardless of which region in the Coast you decide to settle in, knowing your postal codes is important. Check out the following codes in Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi and Malindi among others.

Coastal postcodes

Different cities in Kenya have unique postal codes that distinguish them and sets them apart. These make it simple to send a letter or parcel directly to an area in the region. The coastal area is no different. The following are postal codes from different regions of the Coast.

Kilifi postal code

Kenya Postal codes, also identified as Kenya zip code or Kenya postcode is a unique code that relates to your address. The following are Kilifi postal code Kenya you need to note. They include:

  • Ganze – 80205
  • Vitengeni – 80211
  • Kilifi – 8010

Postal code – Mombasa region

The following are the various codes for Mombasa and its environs.

  • Changamwe – 80102
  • Kilindini – 80107
  • Mvita: Mombasa – 80100
  • Mvita: Makupa – 80112
  • Mvita: Docks – 80104
  • Kisauni: Bamburi – 80101
  • Kisauni: Kengeleni – 80122
  • Kisauni: Mtopanga- 80117
  • Likoni – 80110
  • Mvita: Coast General – 80103
  • Nyali – 80118

Kwale postal codes

The following are Kwale codes:

  • Kinango – 80405
  • Lunga Lunga – 80402
  • Lunga Lunga: Shimoni – 80409
  • Lunga Lunga: Kikoneni – 80410

Malindi postal codes

Here are postal codes for Malindi.

  • Malindi – 80200
  • Malindi: Kakokeni – 80209
  • Malindi: Mtwapa -80109
  • Malindi: Gongini – 80206

The Coast postal codes will make it simple for you to identify with a specific station in a vast region. Know what your postal code is if you live in the coastal region of Kenya. This will make it simple for you to collect parcels and letters from other places.


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