Mpesa Tu

Mpesa TU

Safaricom has yet again brought a new product into it’s chain of services.Mpesa tu is now a feature that will enable paypal users to withdraw their cash directly into their Mpesa wallets.

How to use Mpesa TU

1.Visit here to connect.

2.You will then click on get started tab

3.Now allow the service to:

  • Access some of your profile information.

    • Full name,
    • Birth date,
    • Timezone,
    • Locale,
    • Language,
    • Email address,
    • Address line 1,
    • City/town,
    • Province/Region,
    • Country,
    • Postal code,
    • Phone number,
    • Account type,
    • Account creation date,
    • Account verification status,
    • Age range
  • Charge your account for future purchases

  • Access your PayPal account balance and display it to you for convenience.

    4. Click “agree”

    5.Add your mobile number

    Currently it is under development and you may see an error coming up.Don’t worry,Paypal is working in partnership with Safaricom to fix that.Mpesa Tu

    Mpesa TU transaction charges

    We will charge you a fee when you top up or withdraw funds.

    • For withdrawals: you will be charged a 3% conversion fee of the amount withdrawn.
    • For topping up: you will be charged a 4% conversion fee of the amount topped up. Regular M-PESA charges apply to all other transactions (M-PESA will charge you a customer to business paybill charge as detailed in the Terms and Conditions).

    How to cancel Mpesa TU transaction

    Unfortunately, once you’ve confirmed a top up or withdrawal, you won’t be able to stop or reverse it



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