How to Identify Fake and Genuine New Kenyan Currency

How to Identify Fake and Genuine New Kenyan Currency

The new Kenyan currency enrolled out in 2019 is causing waves, particularly with the introduction of the new thousand note. While most people seem to praise the move as a strategy that will work when it comes to decreasing corruption, How to Identify Fake and Genuine New Kenyan Currency, some quarters have their reservations. This is not that surprising though, as change is one of the most challenging things to effect.

With the new Kenyan currency notes in circulation, supporters believe that people stashing illegally earned cash will be forced to take it out, and as such, those with large amounts will have to explain how they earned it. Whether this will work or not is just a matter of time.

Counterfeit Detection

Counterfeits are a menace to the circulation of genuine Kenyan currency. Safety features in money notes act as a hindrance and safeguard to minimise the chance of counterfeiting. We inspire the public to be aware of the available security features consolidated in genuine currency notes and to be able to differentiate between genuine and fake notes. Each real banknote includes a number of security features that make the counterfeiting of the money notes extremely difficult. The following are public safety features to be checked by each member of the public in the new notes:

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A three-dimensional portrait of a lion’s head can simply be seen when the note is held up to the light. The watermark on the note has a three-dimensional appearance with areas in varying tones of dark and light. Below the watermark on the note is the value numeral of the banknote. This number can be easily seen when the note is held up to the light. Both the portrait and value numeral depict some brightness when held up to the light.

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Serial Numbers on the notes

The serial numbering style is asymmetrical and has progressively larger digits in adjacent positions. One set of serial numbers appears horizontally, the other appears vertically. The vertical serial numbers on the left-hand side of banknotes glow under UV light
See Through Feature Each of the new banknotes has a see-through feature that forms a perfect full elephant when held up to the light. When looked at from one side, the image does not form any recognisable feature until held up to the light.

Security Thread on the notes

All genuine banknotes have a distinct interwoven thread running vertically down the right hand side of the notes. When held up to the light, the thread appears as a continuous line and it shows a series of text featuring the denomination numeral of the note and the letters CBK. The current generation of banknotes features two types of threads:

  • For the Ksh1000 and Ksh500 shillings denominations, the thread is thicker and portrays a colour shift when viewed at angles.
  • The Ksh50, Ksh100 and Ksh200 shilling denominations have a thinner thread, silver in colour, and do not depict any colour shifts when viewed at angles.

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CBK Key Rates
Central Bank Rate 9.00% 06/08/2008
Inter-Bank Rate 4.37% 07/06/2019
CBK Discount Window 15.00% 27/03/2019
91-Day T-Bill 6.915% 10/06/2019
REPO 0.00% 13/05/2019
Inflation Rate 5.49% May,2019
Lending Rate 12.47% February,2019
Savings Rate 5.16% February,2019
Deposit Rate 7.28% February,2019
KBRR 8.9% 27/07/2016

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