Nyashinski sneakers

Does Nyashinski and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg read from a similar mold book? All things considered, his current buy appears to recommend so.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a type of work uniform, a Marl Gray T-shirt that he wears each day. This is on the grounds that the enormous manager at Facebook wouldn’t like to ‘spend any of his vitality on things that are senseless or silly about his life.’

In any case, however the tees may look basic, they are a long way from modest as they are hand crafted by Italian fashioner Brunello Cucinelli and purportedly cost in the vicinity of 30,000 and 40,000 for each piece! Demonstrating that straightforward isn’t generally shabby.

What’s more, our exceptionally Nyashinski appears to likewise be a supporter of that ‘keep it basic however costly’ strategy as he as of late flaunted his most recent buy, a couple of apparently straightforward canvas tennis shoes.

At first look, the shoes look straightforward yet the Silio canvas low-top tennis shoes are very costly as they go for 325 dollars which is about Kshs32, 500.

Have a more intensive take a gander at the shoes underneath:

Nyashinski sneakers

Nyashinski sneakers


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