– When terrorists struck DusitD2 hotel armed civilians and police responded to rescue the victims

– One Steve Mbogo, a permitted gun holder, showed up with a complex weapon and bulletproof vest

– Safety experts have argued the nature of gun and attires he had should not be owned by civilians

– He has now been summoned by police over his appearance at the scene with the rifle he had

As police fought the attackers at DusitD2 hotel on Tuesday, January 15, the concentration of Kenyans was attracted to former Starehe MP aspirant Steve Mbogo after he showed up at the place heavily armed with a sophisticated weapon.

Unlike other equipped civilians who were busy aiding with the rescue procedure, the resplendent politician dressed in a bulletproof vest and infantry boots stood and watched from a background just like any other helpless Kenyan.

Photos of Mbogo which were liked on social media sparked a lot of reactions from Kenyans with may asking questions on his role at the scene and the kind of weapon he had.

Some Kenyans scrutinised the politician with others arguing he had shown up at the view for publicity and was not giving the much-needed help.

He has now been asked by the police to explain the nature of the gun he had which many security experts have argued should not be owned by licensed civilians.

In his statement, while speaking to a local Tv station on Wednesday, January 16, Mbogo said he was running errands around the DusitD2 hotel when terrorists struck the area and he decided to help.

“I am a licensed firearms holder, I was running my errands near the dusitD2 Hotel here in Nairobi, when I learnt that the facility was under a terror attack,” said Mbogo.
“Because I was in a position to help, given I have good knowledge on how to handle firearms and protect myself against such situations, I went in to help in the rescue operations,” he added.


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