Popular causes of divorce in Kenya

causes of divorce in Kenya

Our modern generation is never short of marriage shows. Gone are the days when unions who would be long-lasting. Marriage is no longer an essential rite of passage as it used to be in the antiquity. Divorcing has evolved to be the order of the day. A surprising trend has emerged, whereby couples divorce just after a few months of marriage. In Kenya, it is a law that property is not shared on a 50/50 basis but rather according to the assets contributed by each individual during their time of togetherness.

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It is definitely the primary judgment why couples divorce. This ordinarily entails possessing short term or long term extramarital relationships ( commonly known as mpango wa Kando).  This may be as a consequence of differences in sexual desires and intimacy.

2. Domestic violence/ abuse

Unfamiliar to many, domestic violence afflicts both men and women. Domestic violence may be physical, heartfelt or verbal. In Kenya, the most popular form of domestic violence is the physical type. It mostly touches women who find it difficult to tolerate physical abuse or any kind of violence. They, consequently, opt to file for divorce just to protect their lives.

3. Lack of intimacy

Intimacy is the overall feeling of closeness and openness towards someone else. It not only involves sexuality but can also be bodily or emotional intimacy. It is never prudent to give your mate or partner the cold shoulder. This may point to loneliness which in turn causes your marriage to crumble and eventually lead to divorce.

4. Infertility

It is customarily everyone’s dream to have kids at some period in life. In fact, reproduction is one of the biggest reasons for marriage in Kenya now. Cracks in marriages normally begin when one partner is unable to conceive children. Interestingly, impotence issues are generally directed towards women, ignoring the fact that reproductive problems could be from either the man or woman. Barrenness issues may cause difficulties in marriages. One may choose to walk out of his/her marriage to find a fitting partner just for procreation.

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5. Monetary issues/financial challenges

Marriages can disintegrate due to different financial intentions and spending practices between couples. In most situations, money causes power struggles, particularly where one partner makes extra money than the other better half. In other instances, people opt away from their marriages when they feel that their spouses can’t sustain their lifestyles.

6. Alcohol and drug abuse

A bulk of drug abusers are identified to spend all their income and savings to satisfy their habits. This depletes all the supplies that they would otherwise have used to cater to the needs of their families. Drug abuse may also lead to frequent disputes and domestic violence that may force one to seek for divorce, just to protect his/her life. Drug misuse is actually a severe problem that needs to be looked into before it creates extreme consequences.

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