Uhuru Kenyatta big 4 agenda

President Kenyatta has expressed an issue that corruption in Kenya may likely make him not reach his aimed goal at the end of his last term.
In a presser of Thursday, May 10, seen by exposeke.com, the president strongly appealed to the public to help him overcome the nightmare which has hindered Kenya’s economic progress.
“Corruption is a huge concern and I am afraid it has the potential to undermine my Big Four agenda and even worse completely destroy the country. I am not going to take any of corrupt dealings from anyone in my leadership from now henceforth, there time is up and they should be ready to face justice” said Uhuru.

The president says corruption is the greatest threat to his legacy. Photo: Uhuru Kenyatta/Facebook.
In the speech delivered during the eighth Presidential Rounda Table Forum at State House where he met Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) members, the president said it was time for corrupt leaders to be dealt with without fear or favour.
“We must address the real elephant in the room and we need to say enough is enough for the country to move forward.There is no more time for politics because it is time to clean and move forward,” directed Uhuru.
The President admitted there were corrupt leaders in his government who are a great threat to his fulfillment of his four agendas of ensuring food security, increasing access to quality and affordable homes, providing a universal health cover for all and increasing local manufacturing.
I am afraid corruption can stop my big four agenda – Uhuru Kenyatta
According to the President, it will take him and Kenyans to be blunt and honest in order to overcome corruption and achieve national development goals.

“I have had an opportunity to work with wonderful and dedicated men and women full of integrity. However, some are not prepared to change and these are the individuals we cannot accommodate anymore,” the president said.
He accepted blame for losses corruption has meted on the country’s economy, urging the citizens to say enough is enough with graft and move forward with integrity.
During the meeting which he raised concern over increased illicit trade which is fleecing the country billions of tax, Uhuru assigned deputy Head of Public Service Wanyama Musyambo to spearhead efforts towards the eradication of corruption and illicit trade.

Exposeke.com understands dealings in counterfeits, fake business tax stickers, dumping and entry of fake goods through international entry points cost Kenya KSh 200 billion annually

Uhuru said such an amount would go a long way in implementing projects under his Big Four agenda and he cannot afford to continue losing such sums of money.
During his State of the Nation address on Wednesday, May 2, the president urged Kenyan families to help fight corruption by surrendering their corrupt relatives to relevant authorities.
The president has on several occasions admitted his administration is struggling to eradicate corruption.