Raila angry

– Governor Waititu asked Raila to say how much he got from Dubai-based businessmen

– The county chief claimed Raila and Zaheer flew to Dubai where they reportedly took the money

– The stated he has been uncomfortable with Raila for his “dishonesty”

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has launched a scathing attack on ODM leader Raila Odinga whom he labeled as the archbishop of corruption and a beneficiary of the fake gold business.

Waititu claimed Raila alongside flamboyant businessman Zaheer Jhanda, boarded a chartered jet to Dubai where they met Saudi royals and were allegedly handed some money.

The county chief who had accompanied Deputy William Ruto to Trans Nzoia on Saturday, May 18, accused the Orange party boss of engaging in shady deals which were now coming to light.

“Raila took a chartered plane with Zaheer and went to Dubai and took money. In fact he needs to tell us how much money he got from this deal that has gone sour. The former prime minister has been doing a lot of shady deals. Raila is the archbishop of corruption and needs to return the money he got from Dubai,” he said.

The politician further stated he has been uncomfortable with Raila and has remained so even when the latter agreed to work the government because the seasoned politician was dishonest.

” I refused handshake from first time of handshake because I knew Raila is not an honest leader. We remember he took flight to Morocco and compromised fertiliser importation deal and we ended up with fake fertiliser,” alleged the county chief.

At the same time, Ruto warned politicians against dragging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s name into their shoddy gold scamming deals saying the Head of State was a man of principle.

“Opposition people with their lies and corruption narratives they use to con people should not try to drag in Uhuru. We know the president as a straightforward and visionary leader who cannot be associated with such deals. These are deals by political conmen who have graduated to fake businessmen trading in fake fake gold,” he said.


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