Secondary school teachers salary in Kenya

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Secondary school teachers salary in Kenya, Kenyan teachers salary scale, TSC salary structure

All Secondary school teachers can both be employed by the government in Kenyan public schools or in private schools. In utmost cases, such teachers need to be university graduates with a degree in education and registered by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Government school teachers are paid using the TSC salary structure while private school teachers’ salary is usually determined at the school level. The typical responsibilities of secondary school teachers include:

  • Preparation of lesson plans
  • Contact time with students
  • Marking student’ work
  • Attending staff meetings
  • Liaising with parents
  • Monitoring extracurricular activities
  • Continuous professional development

Job description for secondary school teachers

Secondary school teachers salary in Kenya, TSC salary structure, high school teachers salary
  1. The job description of secondary school teachers goes beyond the classroom. Based on the basic salary for secondary school teachers in Kenya, teachers are paid to perform a number of roles. As is expected, the primary role of teachers is the dissemination of knowledge guided by the curriculum of the country. In Kenya, teachers are hired based on the specific subjects they have specialized in to teach.
  2. Apart from teaching, secondary school teachers are expected to prepare lesson plans for their classes. Such lesson plans ought to be in accordance with the national curriculum. The transfer of knowledge through specific learning subjects has to be done in a creative, interactive and engaging manner.
  3. Teaching requires that students be tested periodically to check their progress. This is achieved with the aid of individual assignments and continuous assessment tests. It is the duty of the teacher to mark the students’ work and providing necessary feedback in return. Here, teachers are supposed to give constructive criticism, encouragement, and support. Most importantly, modern teaching pays attention to the individual needs of each student and customize learning content to fit those needs.
  4. The job description of secondary school teachers also requires them to take part in events and projects outside the classroom. Schools have outings that are educational, cultural and sports oriented. During such events, any teacher or group of teachers can be called upon to accompany the students. The teaching profession does not mean working with students all the time. Frequently, teachers are required to attend meetings with other teachers and school staff. In addition, they have to attend seminars and training from time to time.
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Secondary school teacher qualifications

Qualifications are important because they are used to evaluate high school teachers salary. Secondary school teachers are required to have a grade of C+ and above in their KCSE. This grade should be accompanied with a diploma in education. Alternatively, one can have a KCSE C+ grade and a Bachelor’s degree in Education or a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Below are some of the qualifications for one to be hired as a teacher in Kenya:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education.or KCSE score of a C+ and a Diploma in Education or KSCE C+ and Bachelor’s in education
  • One has to be a Kenyan citizen
  • The age of an applicant should not be more than 45 years
  • An applicant must be registered as a teacher as stipulated by section 23 of the Teachers Service Commission Act of 2012
  • Possession of original professional and academic certificates

Secondary school teachers’ salary

Secondary school teachers salary in Kenya, TSC salary structure, high school teachers salary

According to Implementation of CBA for Teachers, as of 1st July 2017, the grading structure based on Job Groups “G” to “R” was replaced with Teacher Scales (“T- Scale5” to “T- Scale 15”. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement saw teachers allowances being amalgamated into their basic salary. The Kenyan teachers salary scale is determined based on the qualifications and experience of the teacher. Some of the teacher allowances include:

  • House allowance
  • Hardship allowance
  • Commuter allowance
  • Annual leave allowance
  • Disability guide allowance
  • Special school allowance

The salary of secondary school teachers in Kenya is better now than it was a few years ago. According to Circular No 15-2018 implementation of CBA phase 11, the salary range of chief principals is from 102,807- 148,360 Shillings. Senior principals and deputy principal I earn between 87,900 and 109,249 shillings. The average salary of a deputy principal II is 68,428 shillings. Deputy Principals III and senior masters take home between 59,286 and 77,840 shillings. The following are salary scales for other secondary school teachers:

Secondary teacher I: 29,285- 47,896 shillings

Secondary teacher II: 21,719- 42,642 shillings

Secondary teacher III: 25,929- 31,956 shillings

Now you have the secondary school teachers salary in Kenya, minimum credentials to qualify for application as well as the responsibilities of you as a teacher. Go ahead and prepare for the interview. Goodluck!

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