The best trending kid hairstyles for girls-with pictures

baby hairstyle, hairstyle for infants, baby girl hairstyles

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baby hairstyles, hairstyles for infants, infant hairstyles, baby girl hairstyles

The African hair enables one to design and make lots of fancy hairstyles because of the texture. African hair is categorized into four groups; wavy, curly and kinky. The three are moreover subdivided into other smaller groups; curved 2A, Wavy 2B, Wavy 2C, Curly 3A, curly 3B, curly 3C, Kinky 4A, kinky 4B and Kinky 4C. It is essential that you understand which category your baby’s hair falls under, before styling them. The outlined below are some of the groups of hairstyles for an African baby:

Hairstyles for babies with short hair

Styling short hair is as lovely as styling long hair. Though there may be a restricted number of styles here, one can always make the most out of it. Styling short hair is also so simple and takes minimum time. The following are some adorable hairstyles for babies with short hair.

1. Short hair with a headband

The pink or purple headband will go a long way in developing a dull baby hair. After brushing the baby’s hair, you can lay the edges and add a little gel for the classic look. Have the headband about the baby’s head, and ensure it is not too tight. The goal is to have the baby look cute with the bare minimum. Go for brilliant colours like orange, pink ,red, yellow, and such, as they brighten the baby’s face.

2. Baby twists

baby hairstyles, hairstyles for infants, infant hairstyles, baby girl hairstyles

The only thing one needs for this is a little hair oil and tiny ribbons in all colours. Equally, separate the baby’s hair into portions and gently twist a few strands of hair. Add ribbons of different colours after each twist to make the entire look vibrant. Baby twists are abulous infant girl hairstyles.

3. Bantu knots

baby hairstyles, hairstyles for infants, infant hairstyles, baby girl hairstyles

After washing and then drying the baby’s hair, use a rattail comb to divide the knots. The perfect distance between each knot needs to be at least ½ inch when the hair is short. Twist and bind the hair on each section to form rosebuds of some kind. Ensure that every part is coiled close to the head. Bantu knots serve well on kinky hair as you can comfortably tuck in the ends to achieve a clean look once you are done. Curly and wavy hair may, nevertheless, force you to use bobby pins to tie the ends. The coils should also be secured, so the baby does not quickly ruin the style.

Weave hairstyles for kids

Weaves are not common with kids. Your girl can rock weaves to deliver an extra look and to try and test with another hairstyle. The good thing regarding weaves is that they fall under protective hairstyles. Wearing a weave will decrease breakage of hair as the combing is minimum. The following weaving hairstyles for children seem so adorable.

1. Long weaves

baby hairstyles, hairstyles for infants, infant hairstyles, baby girl hairstyles

Wearing long weaves give one some form of assurance they perhaps previously required. Long weaves appear both fashionable and professional. To maintain them well, you have to moisturise the weave each time you wear it, so it does not tangle. Weaves can be worn with every gear.

2. Curly weaves

baby hairstyles, hairstyles for infants, infant hairstyles, baby girl hairstyles

As an African with curly hair, sometimes one needs to try out different hair compositions. Curly weaves style are the go-to hairstyle as they present one that fly look and make your face very attractive. The only something you can do is to supplement a little hairspray, so it smells good and seems even better.

African baby hairstyles with beads

Babies adore beads. The little one will look impressive when the beads are spread around their hair. Beads come in various sizes and forms. Small beads are ideal for kids. When styling a young kid’s hair with beads, one can pick to either have one colour or mix several colours. It’s easy and enjoyable to style, as one can even make various patterns on the hair. The following are some common Nigerian children hairstyles you can try.

1. Cornrows

Cornrows are among the most conventional hairstyles for African kids. Neat cornrows are impressive to look at. The texture of the African hair enables one to have attractive cornrows that last for several weeks. You can style your child with cornrows and add a few beads to make her even more beautiful. Cornrows are a very protective hairstyle, as they make the baby’s hair healthy and mature fast. They are also simple to undo, and you can redo them without making any hair damage. There are several ways of making cornrows. You can form the letter S when dividing the lines, have them complete the zigzag impression or still start with few strands at the front as you add extra strands when approaching the back.

2. Pussycat

Children most clearly love this style. It is popular among baby girl hairstyles, and they love it as they appear graceful and elegant with the hairstyle. You do not have to break the hair equally when making the pussycat. You can hold one side of the head have more hair than the other hand, and the final look will nevertheless appear elegant. Pussycat is feminine, and one cannot achieve the look without adding a few of beads to the hair.

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3. Dreadlocks

Oh, I fancy me a baby with dreadlocks. They look charming from a distance, and one cannot control but notice a baby that is styled with locks. Baby locks are useful as they give the kid a different look. Managing dreadlocks is no simple thing. It may even be more complicated with a baby, but that does not mean that you cannot pimp your child with dreadlocks. Nothing looks adorable than a baby with dreadlocks. The fantastic thing with this style is that both female and male kids can rock it. Dreadlocks are nothing short of engaging. When making them, one should, nevertheless, be tender with the children’s heads as their scalps are young. You can add a different touch by adding beads.

Black baby girl braided hairstyles

A lot of African baby girls have had braids on at some time. Twists are appealing and comfortable on the head. You can have your kid wear different colours like red, purple, brown, white, various shades of black, different colours of blonde etc. African baby girls look adorable with them. You can never go astray with braids. There are also a lot of artistic designs one can get from twists. You can pick to have either short or long braids for your kid, and she will look completely stunning.

The braids can similarly be either thick or thin depending on your favourite style. Short braids are excellent as kids are at times too playful and the braids could deter them from playing well, or stop them from performing school activities like reading and writing. This, though, does not cancel out long braids as they can be controlled with a headband tied at the back. The following are incredible black baby girl braided hairstyles.

1. Bob braids

baby hairstyle, hairstyle for infants, baby girl hairstyles

Bob braids should not pass the baby’s collars. Bob braids are chic and go with whatever the outfit your baby wears. They are likewise naturally neat as they are well adjusted on the side and at the back. The braids can be shorter at the front and longer at the end. Unlike other varieties of braided hairstyles, one cannot have different patterns every day once the baby has the bob braids. They are simple to maintain and will not break the baby’s edges.

2. Crochet braids

baby hairstyle, hairstyle for infants, baby girl hairstyles

Crochet braids take a short time to be complete but look magnificent nonetheless. One has to first weave cornrows on the baby, then, later on, place the crochet braids on top of the plaited cornrows. Six cornrows are great for babies and will have them look super adorable. Black crochet braids are appealing and will make your little one look super gorgeous.

3. Fulani braids

baby hairstyle, hairstyle for infants, baby girl hairstyles

These types of braids are brilliant. They beautifully sit on a baby’s head making them look amazing and elegant. The Fulani braids are well established and always make one look sharp. One cornrow is braided at the middle of the head, and one to three cornrows are braided on both sides going towards the front end with the tails dangling on each side of the head. Celebrities, for instance, Alicia Keys and Beyonce have severally on different occasions been spotted wearing these kinds of braids. Spice up the baby’s look with beads to achieve the very best look.

Newborn baby hairstyles

Hairstyles are most expected the least of what newborns care about. As much as they are necessitating, newborns only care about what they are fed, sleep time and a little of play time. This should not be a ground not to style your newborn. As much as very little attention is put to newborn’s hairstyle, one can at least attempt and make their pretty faces more beautiful with lovely but straightforward hairstyles for infants. Below mentioned are some newborn baby hairstyles.

1. Halo braid

baby hairstyle, hairstyle for infants, baby girl hairstyles

The Halo braid is possibly the simplest braid you can style your kid with. All you require to do is wash, and oil the baby’s hair, next, later on, make one cornrow that extends from one side of the head to the other. You can attach a flower to the side of the head to finish the look. Halo braids make marvellous Christmas hairstyles for toddlers. The success of this hairstyle will nevertheless depend on your baby’s hair length.

2. Headwraps

baby hairstyle, hairstyle for infants, baby girl hairstyles

If you believed that headwraps only looked good on adults, then you are mistaken. Babies look fabulous with head wraps. It’s even cuter if the material is of African print. Wrapping the head does not automatically change to one having a bad hair day. You can cover the baby’s head just so she feels great about it.

With just a few moves, you can play with and come up with the best of baby hairstyles. For that beautiful compact and long hair, always remember to apply olive oil before and after styling it. You can likewise apply other hair oils for that natural black glow on the hair. Wholesome hair means a healthy baby. The styles discussed above are amongst the most common baby girl hairstyles in Kenya and Africa at large.

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