Top 10 richest tribes in Kenya latest rankings

Richest tribes in Kenya 2020: There is a whole lot of 42 Kenyan tribes, with each tribe adding to the country’s distinct and vibrant culture and culture. Every one of these tribes is known for their different history, language, religion, culture, values, lifestyle, food and more.

A couple of these 42 tribes do economically better than their equivalents. Highlighted below are the top 10 wealthiest tribes in Kenya:

Top 10 Richest tribes in Kenya 2020


Kikuyu is the richest tribe in Kenya drawing their wealth from several business ventures in Kenya including real estate industry and farm produce. They are supposedly the most hardworking people in the country today; they have utilised every opportunity that has come across their way. One little secret they have is that they are not massive spenders; they also consider that every shilling counts. This practice has enabled them to have time to reflect on their business and lay future strategies. They are also everywhere in the country. Most of the Kenyan richest billionaires come from this tribe.

2. Kalenjin

The vast Kalenjin people are perceived to have vast tracks of land, in fact, they live in the biggest province of the country majority Rift Valley. Their primary source of wealth arises from agriculture. The Kalenjin community is also known to dominate in athletics which has benefited them a lot.

3. Kisii

The Kisii community are another set of hard-working people, their primary source of wealth is from business and agriculture (Tea and sugarcane). If you manage to visit Kisii county, you will be astounded at the extent to which the land has been subdivided for good agricultural purposes. Their soil is very fertile. The community also have this habit of being everywhere just like their Kikuyu counterparts; we speak of exploiting every business opportunity that comes along on the way!

4. Somali

The Somali community has a history of difficulties, which is a driving force behind their huge success in business. It’s known whenever they live in an area; they must be mentioned because of their aggressiveness. The Somalis are not only ambitious but also know how to seek for opportunities.

5. Luo

Arguably one of the most civilised tribes in Kenya, the Luo have accumulated a majority of their wealth from white collar jobs.

6. Luhya

These Western Kenyan brothers’ principal source of wealth originates from agriculture. They are excellent farmers and businessmen. That is why you find most of the sugarcane factories are located in the western region. The Luhya community is also good at sports.

7. Maasai

The Maasai people require no introduction. They hold vast tracks of land and big herds livestock which is their primary reservoir of wealth.

8. Kamba

Like many other Bantus, the Akamba majorly depend on agriculture despite their dry land, at least in much parts and trade for survival. Various notable businessmen and women, politicians, as well as professionals, originate from this tribe.

9. Asians

Asians were recently gazetted as the country’s 44th tribe. They control the majority of the businesses in the country today.

With all that info said, let remember that it’s only your individual hard work which adds to the high success.


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