Uber vehicle requirements in Kenya

Uber Kenya is a fast-growing taxi-hailing company in Kenya, beating its main competitors like bolt Kenya (formerly taxify) and little by Safaricom. Uber drivers earn a good amount of money and can reach about Ksh50,000 per month when riding on a daily basis for the company. Well, if you want to join Uber driver, heck this guide on Uber vehicle requirements in Kenya.

Uber vehicle requirements in Kenya 2020

  1. Your vehicle type
    • Vehicle Model year 2006 or newer
    • 4-door car vehicles
    • Selected 2-door cars
  2. Your paperwork requirements
    • The motor vehicle registration book
    • PSV insurance cover
    • Vehicle inspection report
    • Business Permit papers
    • Kenyan National ID

Uber vehicle options in Kenya

1. UberX

UberX is the best and premium ride choice around the city. Only spacious sedans and station wagons with a huge engine capacity above 1,300cc will be eligible for the prime UberX trips. The most popular UberX vehicles in Kenya are Toyota Ractis, Toyota Belta, Toyota Corolla.

Vehicle requirements for UberX

  • 4-door sedan in a good condition
  • Seat at least 4 passengers in addition to the taxi driver
  • Working windows and working air conditioning
  • No full-sized vans or other trucks vehicles
  • No salvaged or any rebuilt vehicles
  • Selected cars models year made 2006 or newer will qualify to drive with UberX

Popular UberX vehicle models

  • Mazda model – Demio (1300cc and below)
  • Toyota – Viti (1300cc and below), Prius model (1300cc and below), Belta model(1300cc and below), Passo model (1300cc and below), Yaris model (1300cc and below)
  • Mitsubishi – Colt model (1300cc and below)
  • Nissan – March model (1300cc and below), Note model(1300cc and below), Leaf model(1300cc and below)
  • Suzuki – Swift model (1300cc and below)
  • Honda – FIT model(1300cc and below), Insight model(1300cc and below), Civic model(1300cc and below), Jazz model (1300cc and below)
  • Daihatsu – MIRA model(1300cc and below)
  • Kia – Niro model(1300cc and below)

2. UberChapChap

UberChapChap category is an everyday compact ride within the town. Small hatchbacks with an engine capacity of about 1,300cc or less are only eligible for the luxurious UberChapChap trips in Nairobi. The most popular UberChapChap vehicles in Kenya are Toyota Vitz , Suzuki Alto, or Mazda Demio.

Vehicle requirements for UberChapChap 

  • The car must be in good condition
  • Car make year 2017 or newer qualify to drive with UberChapChap

Uber Kenya Contacts

Mombasa Offices

Address: Rockwall Plaza, Links Road, Nyali, Mombasa
Working hours :Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 12:30pm


address: he RiverFront, Prof David Wasawo Drive
Working hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 3:00pm


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