Wajir women rep

Married men and women, particularly with families are expected to behave decently be it in public or in private. It is even graver if the said people are public figures.

Some however normally find themselves on the wrong side for failing to hold it together and living up to the standards required of public figures who are deemed to act as role models.

This became clear on Wednesday, December 19, after an illicit video of outspoken Wajir County female MP in bed with an unidentified man considered to be one of her fellow politicians leaked online.

Exposeke.com accessed the said video showing the married vocal female politician endure in action with her lover. The video is somewhat too obscene to be posted in this story.

Unconfirmed reports show the bubbly politician was in bed with a youthful and vociferous male MP from Rift valley remembered for his tough stand against poor maize prices proposed by the government.

The two are constantly seen together in Nairobi and also Wajir hence the reports.

The video which has electric gone viral online was shared widely on different WhatsApp groups, a move that apportioned Kenyans with quite a number of people condemning the behaviour.

Nevertheless, others including her supporters in Wajir accused politicians opposed to her development background of releasing the video which they say was edited to dishonour and destroy her dignity.


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